Bolle Ski Goggles

History of Bolle Ski Goggles

Bolle is a leading French company specialising in sunglasses and ski goggles. It has a long and rich history spanning over 120 years. Bolle was founded in 1888 by Joseph Bolle in Oyonnax, France - an area known for its eyewear production. Joseph was an innovator who pioneered new techniques like injection moulding to manufacture glasses. This allowed the production of affordable and good-quality eyewear. In the 1920s, Bolle started making lenses for ski goggles to meet the growing demand from winter sports enthusiasts. They began supplying lenses to other brands while making their own ski goggles as well. Bolle's ski goggles quickly gained popularity thanks to their high-quality lenses that provided excellent optics and protection. The 1950s saw increased interest in skiing as a recreational activity. Bolle capitalised on this demand by further expanding its ski goggles range. The company pioneered new technologies like double lenses and foam padding to enhance comfort and performance. Bolle sponsored top skiers to test and promote its goggles. In 1956, the brand made its first appearance at the Winter Olympics equipping the French national ski team. The 1960s and 70s were a period of huge growth for Bolle as skiing boomed. New lens technologies like anti-fog and infrared-treated lenses were introduced. Iconic models like the Verglas, Mirage, and Midnight were launched. Bolle also expanded into making ski helmets and sunglasses. The company continued its strong involvement in major ski competitions like the Olympics and World Championships. In the 1980s, Bolle pushed ski goggle design with new interchangeable and photochromic lenses. It also acquired major competitors like Bailly to become one of the top three ski goggles brands along with Scott and Smith. The 1990s saw Bolle innovating with new spherical lens technology for wider vision and vented goggles to prevent fogging. The 2000s brought in advances like polarised and anti-scratch ski goggles. Today, Bolle offers an extensive range incorporating the latest lens technologies. It remains one of the most trusted ski goggles brands worldwide.


Lens Types and Technologies for Bolle Ski Goggles

With a vast range of lens options, selecting the right one is key to maximising performance. Here's an overview of different Bolle ski goggle lens types and technologies:


Lens Tints

Bolle offers lenses in a range of tints and colours optimised for various conditions:

  • Clear: Provides natural colour definition in low light like night skiing.
  • Yellow: Enhances contrast and Depth perception in flat light and fog. Good for cloudy days.
  • Rose: Improves visibility in low light conditions by blocking blue haze and boosting reds.
  • Brown: Ideal for sunny days as it absorbs excess brightness while aiding definition
  • Grey: Darkens and reduces intensity across all colours for very bright conditions.
  • Blue Mirror: Reflects glare off the snow while boosting terrain definition. Works well on overcast days.
  • Gold Mirror: Ideal for night skiing as it amplifies artificial light sources for better visibility.
  • Silver Mirror: Cuts extremely intense glare and brightness while sharpening contrasts.

Specialised Lens Technologies

In addition to tints, Bolle ski goggles also use unique lens technologies to enhance optics:

  • Variant: Photochromic lens that dynamically self-tints darker or lighter depending on ambient light levels.
  • Infrared: Mirror coating that reflects infrared light improving terrain definition in flat light conditions.
  • Polarised: Filters specific light waves to eliminate glare from snow for reduced eye strain and fatigue.
  • Glare Reduction: Subtle mirror coating to cut excessive brightness without overly darkening.
  • Double Lens: Insulating airspace between two lenses substantially cuts down internal fogging.
  • Modulators: These rate and adapt lens darkness for changing environments like moving in and out of tree areas.

Lens Technology

The lenses are perhaps the most important component of any ski goggle. Bolle uses advanced lens technology to optimise visibility and eye protection.

  • Anti-Fog Coating: Bolle's double-lens ski goggles have an anti-fog coating on the inside to prevent condensation build-up and fogging. This provides crystal-clear vision even in very cold and humid conditions.
  • Photochromic Lenses: These lenses change tint darkness depending on the ambient light conditions. This allows for maintaining optimal visibility in changing light while skiing.
  • Polarised Lenses: Polarised ski goggles selectively filter out intense reflected glare. This results in reduced eye strain and fatigue in bright conditions.
  • Anti-Scratch Coating: Abrasion-resistant coatings protect the exterior lens surfaces from scratches and damage. This ensures long-lasting optical clarity.
  • Mirrored Lenses: These lenses have a partially reflective coating that cuts down excess brightness while aiding contrast. Different coloured mirrors are available for varying light conditions.
  • Infrared Mirror Lens: This Bolle patented lens technology employs selective infrared reflection to enhance contrast and depth perception. It aids visibility in low light and fog.

Lens Shape

The shape of the lens impacts peripheral vision and optical distortion. Bolle ski goggles offers two lens shapes:

  • Cylindrical Lenses: These are the traditional flat vertically curved lenses offering a good balance of optics. Cylindrical ski goggles have some peripheral vision limitations.
  • Spherical Lenses: These have a strong curve and wrap around the face better. Spherical ski goggles provide a wider field of vision with minimal optical distortion.

Facial Fit and Comfort

A snug comfortable fit is crucial for optimal goggle performance. Bolle uses various innovative features to achieve excellent fit and comfort. The multi-density triple layer open cell foam lining is specially engineered to gently mould to individual facial contours. It creates a soft cushioned seal while eliminating uncomfortable air gaps that can impair insulation. Additionally, the plush foam barriers coated with silicone beads provide a dual benefit. They block cold drafts from entering for extra warmth while also preventing internal water vapour from fogging the lens. Bolle ski goggles also incorporate dual adjustable headband straps that allow custom tailoring of the tension for a personalised slip-free fit. The straps have siliconised textured padding that enhances grip against helmets while reducing pressure points behind the head for all-day comfort. Some goggles feature interchangeable straps so users can swap colours to match gear or simply customise styling. Finally, the curved anatomic face plate shape is optimally contoured to follow natural facial geometry. This not only allows the goggles to hug the face securely but also improves airflow dynamics for superior fog resistance. With its ergonomic designs and innovative features, Bolle ensures its goggles fit securely and comfortably while delivering optimal performance.


Venting Systems

Effective venting is critical to prevent inner lens fogging, especially in cold and humid snow sports environments. Bolle ski goggles employ several advanced venting technologies. The Thermoseal system uses a thin silicone seal between the foam lining and the inner lens. It acts as a one-way valve that allows moist air to escape while blocking outside air. Flow-Tech venting strategically places vents with integrated channels that continuously evacuate humid air before it can condense on the lens. The channels also amplify airflow for enhanced evaporation and cooling. Many Bolle ski goggles are double-lens models with an insulating air gap between the outer and inner lenses. This airspace acts as a natural vent that reduces heat buildup while providing moisture evaporation. Bolle optimally engineers the gap width and vent placements to maximise airflow based on lens shape and size. In addition, mesh screens prevent snow, dirt and wind entry while allowing water vapour to escape. Bolle's innovative venting technologies ensure optimal fog prevention even during aerobic activities with high humidity output. By efficiently evacuating moisture before it can condense, Bolle ski goggles maintain crystal-clear vision in even the most demanding winter sports environments.


Bolle Ski Goggles for All The Family

Bolle carefully engineers its ski goggle models to match the unique fit and performance needs of men, women and children.


Men's Ski Goggles

The men's goggles incorporate larger lens shapes and sizes to accommodate the broader facial dimensions commonly found in males. Popular options include cylindrical and spherical lenses which wrap around wider faces while providing full peripheral vision. The frames are designed for seamless helmet integration, with compact shapes that sit flush against modern ski helmets. Venting systems like Thermoseal and Flow-Tech are optimized to handle the higher humidity output of male skiers during strenuous, aerobic activity. Triple-layer face foams conform comfortably while creating a complete seal to prevent fogging even under exertion. Adjustable and interchangeable dual-strap headbands allow men to customize tension for a personalized grip that stays secure. Mirrored lens options in a variety of colours adapt visibility for changing light conditions on the slopes. Photochromic lenses that react quicker suit fast male skiing speeds. The goggles also come in masculine aesthetics with bold colours and graphic technical prints.


Women's Ski Goggles

Bolle's women's goggles incorporate smaller, rounded spherical lens shapes contoured to match typical female facial dimensions. The frames are sculpted to the narrower bridge and orbital shape of the average woman. Interchangeable strap designs allow ladies to coordinate colours with ski gear or swap components to modify the style. Silicone bead seals on plush face foams create a gentle pressure seal to prevent fogging without uncomfortable gaps. Light reactive rose and yellow tinted lenses enhance terrain contrast when skiing in low visibility settings. Stylish mirrored lenses in rose gold and violet hues provide glare reduction while complementing fashions. The women's goggles lineup also caters to style preferences with botanical and abstract graphic prints.


Kids' Ski Goggles

Bolle kids' goggles use smaller spherical polycarbonate lenses designed around youth face sizes for appropriate fit. Durable yet lightweight materials withstand impacts while maintaining undistorted optics. Adjustable neoprene or elastic straps allow tweaking of the tension to ensure a snug grip without excessive pressure on developing facial structures. Dual layer foams with plush lining conform for comfort while keeping out moisture and drafts. Venting systems adapted for smaller lenses prevent inner fogging during active skiing and snow play. Vibrant colours and fun character prints appeal aesthetically to young skiers for increased wear compliance. With age-appropriate technical attributes, Bolle's youth goggles allow clear safe vision so kids can gain confidence on the slopes.


Eco-Friendly Initiatives by Bolle

In recent years, Bolle has strongly embraced environmentally responsible practices with several green initiatives:


Sustainable Materials

Bolle uses bio-based acetates for frames derived from renewable cotton and wood pulp. It employs eco-designed textiles made from recycled plastics like RPET polyester for goggle straps and bags. All metal parts and packaging come from verified sustainable sources with full traceability.


Responsible Production

Bolle's factories are ISO 14001 certified with stringent emissions monitoring and control. Significant investments improve energy efficiency in production facilities. Bolle adheres strictly to environmental regulations, exceeding local requirements.


Reduced Waste

Bolle optimises manufacturing to minimise fabric waste through eco-design. It maintains recycling programs that repurpose over 90% of packaging waste. Bolle is phasing out all single-use plastics from packaging and accessories.


Carbon Neutrality

Bolle offsets 100% of operational carbon emissions through certified REDD+ projects. It aims to use 100% renewable energy in all offices, stores and warehouses by 2025. Employee green commuting is encouraged through incentives.



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