Climbing hardware. A pearson in summer clothes climbing a rock while wearing a backpack and harness


Make Snow+Rock your one-stop shop for all climbing hardware and equipment. Whether you are climbing mountains or just getting started at your local climbing centre, at Snow+Rock, we are experts on all things climbing. Challenging, thrilling, and demanding - climbing is always best with the right equipment. Here at Snow+Rock, our expansive climbing hardware range encompasses everything you need: including carabiners and quickdraws, cams, belay devices, nuts + hexes, ascenders + descenders and pulleys + autoblocks.


Backed by our expert knowledge and advice, we hand-select our range to the highest standards of expertise, durability, and quality from the biggest brands in the climbing industry: such as DMMBlack Diamond, and more. No matter the discipline you enjoy, shop with the peace of mind that your equipment is of the highest quality, whether you're looking to expand your existing rack with more hardware or are just starting out. Here at Snow+Rock, we're here to help.

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