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This season, find your feet out on the face with our range of men’swomen’s, and kid’s climbing shoes at Snow+Rock.


Whether you’re just starting at your local bouldering gym or pushing your limits outdoors after years of experience, the right climbing shoe can make all the difference to your grip and stability. At Snow+Rock, we understand that the style of climbing shoes that works best is directly related to your style and experience in climbing. That’s why our expert staff hand-select our range from the best brands in the industry, including Black DiamondScarpaBoreal, and La Sportiva, offering options for all styles and abilities.


When out climbing - having the right shoes is crucial for your safety and performance. At Snow+Rock, we offer a wide range of climbing shoes to suit all your needs. For bouldering, we recommend choosing a shoe with a tight fit and sticky rubber sole for maximum grip on the rock to help you tackle steep overhangs and tricky footwork. If you're into rock climbing, our range of rock shoes offers a stiffer sole for edging, precision footwork, and flexibility for smearing on slabs. Our indoor climbing shoes are the perfect choice for indoor activities designed for long sessions on the wall. These shoes offer a comfortable fit and soft rubber soles ideal for a range of surfaces. In addition to these, we also stock a range of kids' climbing shoes - so your little ones can get in on the action. Shop our range of climbing shoes today and take your climbing to the next level!

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