Regardless of whether you are lead-climbing, following or on the belay below; your personal safety is paramount at all times. At Snow + Rock, we stock a broad range of climbing helmets to give you the absolute pinnacle of protection, without sacrificing key elements such as breathability, comfort and weight. With the best offerings from the biggest brands in the industry such as PetzlBlack Diamond and Mammut among others, you can take on the outdoors with the peace of mind that you are protected by the very best technologies available in the UK market. We stock all three of the main climbing helmet styles: hard-shell, expanded foam and hybrid to give you the best possible choice to suit your application best.

The most common cause of head injuries while climbing occurs from falling objects such as debris and falling rocks. These variables are the things that we as climbers have no control over and is a constant reminder of the power of nature. It’s absolutely vital to maintain a helmet that protects you effectively to mitigate the risk of injury as much as possible. Our entire range of climbing helmets are certified to rigorous safety standards as well as some of our models featuring additional, optional safety features including MIPS (Multi-direction Impact Protection System) all designed to provide you with as much safety as possible in the most comfortable and breathable package.

Looking to complete the rest of your climbing kit bag? Take a look at our range of rock climbing shoes.
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