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It's a simple ethos - Step On, and Go! 


The Step on Boots and Binding system makes snowboarding easy for beginners and  accessible for families. Better still, it's trusted by Pro's It's not just about ease of use. Step On offers remarkable heel-to-toe response and performance for every style of riding at every level. Making them one of the most important innovations in recent years. Skip the fussy stuff, just Step On, and get ready to shred like you never have.


Cleats, Located on the toes and heals at each boot, keep you securely fastened in the Step On binding. Dual component design ensures maximum durability and gives 2 contact points for varying snow and icepack


There are toe hooks and a release leaver to so you can exit the bindings in one swift motion,with no faffing.and the Snugger Strap and Heel Buckle work in concert with the cleats as the primary retention system, the heel buckle is designed with the same functionality of a ratchet buckle, and features Smooth Glide™ technology to ensure easy engagement. And the Snugger Strap is designed to give ultimate custom flex and heel hold.


So, what are you waiting for? Make Snowboarding simpler, for everyone.

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