A good footbed is the difference between snowboarding for a couple of hours in the morning and being out on the slopes from first chair to last call. It’s a common misconception that you don’t need supportive insoles in snowboard boots, but they are just as crucial as they are in a ski boot application. With more support along your arch and a greater distribution of weight across your metatarsal head (ball of your foot), insoles make transferring weight from heel to toe edges more efficient and in turn ensures a reduction in the strain of the tendons in the sole of your feet. This along with a promotion of blood flow throughout your foot to your extremities means that not only do you perform better, your feet also stay warmer for longer.

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At Snow + Rock we are incredibly passionate about providing everyone with a suitable option for their needs and budget. From pre-made insoles from companies such as Superfeet that come with a 60-day comfort guarantee, to fully custom footbeds from Sidas made in-store by our expert boot fitters we have the best performing choices for your money. The best part about any insole you decide on? You can take them from boot to boot in the future meaning you can go riding with your friends and family knowing that your feet will be comfortable and warm all day long, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your holidays!