Spyder Ski Jackets


Spyder is an American company founded in 1978 that specialises in high-performance ski apparel engineered for racing, freeskiing and resort skiing. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Spyder utilises the latest fabrics and technologies to create outerwear built for high speeds and extreme conditions on the slopes. Their ski jackets stand out for their exceptional waterproofing, breathability ratings, insulation and stretch capabilities. This allows skiers and snowboarders to stay warm, dry and unrestricted as they carve through snow and soar off kickers.


Why Choose Spyder Ski Jackets?

With over 40 years dedicated to creating technically advanced apparel for the world's best skiers and riders, Spyder engineers unrivalled fabrics, anatomically tuned garment construction and proprietary technologies that translate elite testing feedback into features benefitting all adventurers. Their heritage crafting race suits for the US Ski Team and continual pioneering of cutting-edge waterproofing membranes alongside professional freeskiers enables Spyder to lead industry innovation. Rigorous testing by top athletes pushing limits in extreme environments allows Spyder to perfect strategic insulation mapping, fleece backing placements and articulation patterning for unmatched comfort striding uphill, locking edges downhill and maximising airtime launching cliffs. This gives you the confidence to charge challenging lines and conditions in jackets engineered specifically for performance skiing, not simply winter warmth like ordinary parkas or shells. Trust the jacket lining moisture zones, powder cuffs and RECCO patches to intuitively support your needs carving wide through fresh blankets of blower pow.


With direct elite race and freeski input steering fabric choices, ventilation placement and safety features, Spyder crafts jackets as tools for tackling more daunting terrain in variable snow conditions. The stretch panels, helmet-tuned hoods and magnetic wrist closures work in synergy behind the scenes keeping wind, moisture and overheating at bay so every turn feels focused and dialed. This frees you mentally to seek bigger lines and deeper lyrical moments in the mountains without discomfort compromising the experience. They help progress your abilities through progressive technology tested relentlessly at the bleeding edge.


Insulated, Shell and Softshell Spyder Ski Jackets

Spyder ski jackets fall under three main categories:

  • Insulated Jackets: Ideal for resort skiing and frigid temperatures, insulated jackets have thick internal linings to retain heat. PrimaLoft or downfill prevents icy air from cutting through while the waterproof outer membrane blocks snow and wind. Multiple internal pockets safely store electronics, goggles passes and snacks while helmet-compatible hoods and fitted gaiters seal out the spindrift.
  • Shell Jackets: Made for backcountry ski touring, alpine climbing or harsh storms, flexible 3-layer waterproof-breathable shells withstand heavy snowfall. Minimal insulation keeps bulk down while watertight and taped seams prevent sogginess as you surge uphill. Fast-wicking fabrics dispel sweat before they chill you from within. Helmet-ready hoods, magnetic closures and articulated fits allow ease of motion while avalanche rescue reflectors boost visibility if caught out after dark.
  • Softshell Jackets: The most versatile designs for resort skiing or mellow backcountry days, softshell jackets balance sturdy weather protection with breathability and mobility. Dense woven exterior face fabrics shrugged off snow flurries as light PrimaLoft insulation retains warmth. Inner fleece backing manages moisture during aerobic skiing while elasticised cuffs, underarm gussets and articulated patterning permit a wide range of movement.

Spyder Ski Jacket Benefits

Spyder ski jackets provide numerous performance, convenience and safety advantages over ordinary winter jackets. Key benefits include:


Superior Waterproofing & Breathability 

Spyder ski jackets deliver category-leading waterproofing thanks to exclusive partnerships with premium fabric brands like W.L. Gore to integrate world-class breathability membranes into their construction alongside proprietary DWR and XELTX coatings. For all-weather protection, Spyder utilises Gore-Tex's renowned microporous Polytetrafluoroethylene layers that remain utterly waterproof yet permeable for internal moisture escape. The quality Gore membranes have an extremely thin porous structure that blocks exterior water molecules from penetrating jacket layers while enabling internal water vapour build-up to evaporate outwards. This keeps you impeccably dry during relentless snowfall yet minus soggy inner chill. And by channeling sweat outward Spyder eliminates clamminess, overheating issues and temperature regulation difficulties that compromise other ordinary ski jackets lacking such vaporous breathability.


Further augmenting this triple-threat weather protection, Spyder jackets feature their signature XELTX PFC-Free durable water-repellent finish alongside optional Spylon+ DWR eco coating. Both chemical treatments bond to the shell or outermost layer creating an impermeable beading effect that prevents snowflakes, freezing rain or spindrift ever saturating the porous structure. Any moisture impacting the DWR surface sees surface tension overcome, causing droplets to roll off the fabrics like marbles off a trampoline. This impenetrable hydrophobic barrier provides another essential line of defence keeping your warmth and base layers dry for daylong comfort powering through frigid, wet alpine conditions without compromise. Together Gore-Tex vapour permeability, XELTX waterproof beading and Spylon+ stain protection make Spyder the pinnacle for water protection and breathability in performance ski outerwear.


Precision Insulation

Spyder ski jackets implement precision insulation strategically mapped to retain warmth where it's needed most without overheating active areas. Heat-trapping PrimaLoft synthetic fill, goose down and fleece linings are meticulously engineered based on exertion levels across different zones. Lightweight 80-100g PrimaLoft Sport is utilised for high-output aerobic skiing to curb moisture build-up, while heavy 600-800 fill-down or removable fleece inner jackets provide enveloping warmth during frigid lift line waits. Strategically, less insulation is used underarm, at the rear shoulder and along the spine to prevent sweaty backs. More warmth clusters at the core chest and converges at the collar neck to lock in heat. Insulative fleeces back the interior jacket face for wicking warmth that mirrors exertion. At the sleeves, 60-80g PrimaLoft maps the biceps to retain heat when poles are stowed, tapering to 40g at the forearms for unimpeded pole plants. The hip insulation also tapers to avoid trapping heat and moisture around the waist harness during boot packs. Through athletic-tuned insulation zoning, Spyder jackets stabilise microclimates across varying outputs.


Articulated Athletic Fit

Spyder ski jackets utilise athletic anatomical patterning with strategic stretch fabric panels that mirror the body in motion for unimpeded mobility while preventing weather ingress. Complex panel mapping creates sleeves with a slightly rearward bias to accommodate pole plants and forward arm reaches. Underarm gussets crafted using woven elasticised fabrics supply added stretch that prevents tugging when poling or performing shoulder checks downhill. For rapid cooling, pit zips amplify ventilation. Similar athletic articulation continues at the shoulders with rear rotation points enabling you to swing your arms fully overhead when climbing without the jacket crawling up. The precise torso shape allows deep crouches when straight-lining steep lines or laying trenches without compressing the insulation. At the hem, embedded gripper elastics generate extra tension to seal out the spindrift without restrictive elastic squeezing the hips during striding uphill. Through 3D patterning that caters to performance skiing, Spyder eliminates restrictions to focus purely on the terrain without distraction.


Helmet Compatibility

In pursuit of optimised performance and safety on the slopes, Spyder ski jackets implement helmet-compatible designs dialled in through testing with leading ski helmet brands. Using anatomical data and partnering with POC, Smith, Giro and Sweet Protection, hood and collar constructions accommodate smooth layering over low-profile active helmets without compromising freedom of movement or visibility. Certain insulated jackets feature expanded rear volume hoods designed to fit over both helmets and insulating beanies for additional warmth during lift queues and pauses. The front hood brims are shortened for unimpeded eyesight when spotting lines yet elongated at the sides to reduce glare and shield from sideways snow flurries across high traverses. Embedded cord locks allow single-handed adjustment to seal out spindrift when bombing runs. For easy ventilation control, low-profile hook and loop tabs allow hoods to be rolled and secured when riding lifts. Through extensive testing with protective gear, Spyder perfects helmet integration for essential safety on the hill without compromising versatility.


Safety Features

Spyder pursues pioneering technologies and performance features that boost safety across both patrolled resort terrain and unmonitored backcountry zones. Primarily, their waterproof yet breathable fabrics form essential barriers against environmental hazards like frigid temperatures, wind chill and heavy snow loads. This prevents exhaustion or exposure compromising judgement when fatigued. More advanced safety accoutrements include embedded RECCO reflector patches on jackets to enable backcountry riders caught in avalanches to be spotted by ski patrol detectors. For ride days, wrist gaiter seals and powder skirts lockout spindrift floating up sleeves or torsos. Some insulated jackets integrate magnets or hooks into wrist closures so warming layers can be vented without fully shedding the jacket and losing passes, keys or transponders. During accidents or injured dig-outs requiring layer removal, rip-and-stick shoulder seams allow emergency jacket extraction without causing further harm. For communication or consolations, crossover compatibility with back protector spine guards ensures trauma plates don’t obstruct radio antennae. Through such niche innovations that augment essential hazard barriers, Spyder jackets boost safety across the hill.


Versatility For Resort & Backcountry

Engineered for elite racing and big-mountain performance, Spyder ski jackets deliver versatile designs adaptable for both resort and backcountry use. Removable mid layers, underarm ventilation and magnetic wrist seals offer cooling relief when working hard lap after lap. The tailored yet articulated fits layer smoothly over base layers and insulation without restricting overhead reach, stance width or balance necessitated by consequential terrain. From the lift queue to the skin track and back again, Spyder construction balances sturdy weatherproofing with dexterous flexibility. Three-layer waterproof-breathable shells with 30D plain weave backers shed excess internal heat and moisture when charging uphill then seal out fierce storms barreling Michigan lines home. For mellower bluebird days at the ski area, insulated jackets retain warmth minus dead weight during hot laps through the park and pipes. Through interchangeable elements like strap-compatible sleeves, RECCO patches and underarm vents, Spyder enables their technical jackets to span patrolled groomers to volatile steeps. You can ride chairlifts or earn turns knowing the construction balances gusty precip with output-mapped ventilation to keep you cruising in comfort across the entire hill.


Spyder Ski Jacket Fabrics and Technology

All Spyder ski jackets incorporate proprietary fabric technologies to brave harsh alpine environments. Most models utilise high-gauge circular or flatlock stitch construction for minimal bulk, improved stretch and reduction of chafing. Many jackets also leverage Gore-Tex, a renowned waterproof and breathable fabric membrane made from expanded Polytetrafluorethylene (ePTFE). The microporous structure is windproof and blocks liquid water droplets while enabling internal perspiration vapour to pass outwards. This prevents a damp chill while avoiding overheating. For insulation, Spyder jackets use clusters of goose or duck down for efficient warmth without weight. The fluffy filaments trap heat in tiny pockets of air to retain and circulate warmth. Premium 800 fill-power down from older geese provides superior loft and insulation compared to lesser 600 fill. Alternatively, lightweight and highly compressible synthetic PrimaLoft fibres resemble down for vegans. Many Spyder jackets also utilise fleece lining or removable inner jackets for adjustable insulation. Specific technologies include:


XELTX Teflon Fabric Protector

Spyder XELTX Teflon fabric protector is a proprietary eco-friendly water-repellent treatment they apply to shell and insulated ski jacket exteriors to create enhanced beading that prevents snow and moisture saturation. As snowflakes or raindrops contact the Spyder jacket surface infused with XELTX particles, the contact angle increases allowing the droplets to literally bead and roll right off without wetting through. By elevation exterior water resistance, even during the heaviest snow squalls or freezing rain, Spyder XELTX Teflon treatments ensure you remain completely dry inside. Unlike some competing durable water repellents, XELTX maintains breathability for effective internal moisture and heat regulation. The environmentally formulation lacks toxic PFCs making it a sustainable application for enduring water beading performance over 25+ washes without reapplication. Only when the exterior face fabric becomes saturated through long-term wear does the treatment require refreshing. As an eco-conscious water repellent optimised specifically for performance ski apparel in wet winter climates, Spyder XELTX Teflon fabric protection delivers unmatched moisture beading minus environmentally harmful chemicals or ventilation compromises. It's engineered to lock out external water for lasting dryness during even the most overwhelmingly snowy days pounding corduroy.


Spylon+ DWR

Spyder's proprietary Spylon+ DWR (durable water repellent) finish evolved their original environmentally-friendly water beading chemistry to further heighten water repellency, breathability and stain protection on shell and insulated ski jackets. By bonding C6 DWR fluorine-free particles to the exterior weave at a molecular level, Spyder engineered Spylon+ to create a robust hydrophobic shield upon the jacket facade that withstands heavy use and repeat laundering. Liquid snowflakes, sleet and freezing rain impacting the DWR surface see their surface tension overcome by the nano-texturing causing them to bead and roll off without saturating fabric pores. This elevated beading effect reliably locks out external dampness and chill for lasting inner warmth and dryness skiing through the worst squalls. And unlike some early generation and rival ski jacket DWRs, Spylon+ augmentation doesn't compromise ventilation or breathability meaning built-up internal perspiration freely evaporates through jacket liners for superior temperature and moisture control. This prevents overheating and sweaty dampness from forming beneath shells or insulated pieces even while working hard earning turns in uphill skin tracks. Spyder Spylon+ DWR also adds a stain-resistant touch barrier that prevents dirt or oil adhesion for easy cleaning. As a fluorine-free, ecologically sustainable water repellent and stain guard, Spyder Spylon+ DWR treatment enhances wet weather protection for reliable warmth across countless aggressive washes.



Spyder MemBrain fabrics utilise an interior liner membrane structure with active microscopic pores that rapidly transport sweat moisture outward while blocking external chill, wind and moisture. The hydrophilic pores leverage body heat to turn internal water vapour into a gas which permeates the membranes towards colder exterior temperatures where it condenses back into microscopic droplets that harmlessly escape the jacket construction. This leaves inner layers utterly dry for maintaining warmth and comfort without clamminess. The condensed moisture also carries heat energy outward for superior temperature regulation that prevents overheating or chills. By proactively venting built-up perspiration before saturation compromises insulation or the skin directly, Spyder MemBrain scientifically regulates microclimates. The stratified physical composition mirrors the skin's sweat glands, charting moisture from the inside layer across the insulating mid-layer and finally transporting it exteriorly via the protective shell. This moisture evacuation system works dynamically based on your output levels meaning heat and dampness adapt to your activity rate to prevent soggy chilliness or excess steaminess. Through mimicking the body's cooling mechanics, Spyder MemBrain actively manages microclimates for weatherproof comfort.



Spyder ThermaWeb consists of a proprietary fleece backing lining utilised on select insulated ski jacket interiors that leverage complex filament geometries to emulate a natural furred hide for trapping and circulating warmth. The multi-dimensional fabrics form an intricate insulating web with tailored thickness and low density to maximise surface area and heat entrapment minus dead weight. Just as fur or down uses lofted filament clusters separated by air pockets to retain warmth, Spyder ThermaWeb generates effective insulation factors through the manipulation of synthetic textile topography. The non-stick ThermaWeb fleece generates plentiful dead air space for heat retention yet avoids matted clumping from perspiration. This allows it to continue circulating warmth dynamically when active whilst locking precious body heat efficiently during idle periods waiting in lift lines or pausing at the lodge. Excess heat build-up gets proactively vented by the exterior shell. Like a high-loft hair coat for mammals thriving in freezing climates, Spyder ThermaWeb fleece backing mirrors biological insulation to stabilise warmth levels going full tilt carving groomers or embracing frigid temperatures at altitude out the backcountry gate. Its carefully woven and minimally treated filament skin prevents allergenic reactions for comfort too.


Warmth and Breathability Ratings of Spyder Insulated Ski Jackets

When selecting an insulated Spyder ski jacket, two vital factors are warmth and breathability. Most Spyder insulated jackets list the warmth rating on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the most insulating for frigid subzero days. Breathability is also measured 1-5 with higher scores signalising optimised ventilation for active skiers. Comparing these figures to your planned temperatures and activity levels helps match the ideal model. Some examples of popular Spyder jackets include:

  • Spyder Copper Jacket: Rated 5 out of 5 warmth from heavyweight PrimaLoft fill and fleece liner, making it very toasty in the bitter cold around 0°F/-18°C.
  • Spyder Leader Jacket: A versatile 4 out of 5 warmth rating balances moderate insulation with breathability across a wide range of 15°F to 32°F/-9°C to 0°C.
  • Spyder Titan Jacket: A nimble 3 out 5 warmth makes it suitable for high output skiing in temperatures down to 25°F/-4°C.

In terms of breathability and ventilation:

  • Spyder Copper: 3 out of 5 breathability factoring the thick insulation yet with pit zips for added venting.
  • Spyder Leader: High-end 5 out of 5 air permeability ensures no overheating even exercising hard in the trees or bumps.
  • Spyder Titan: Mid-level 4 out of 5 breathability helps shed heat during lifts and stops while retaining warmth when hammering downhill.

By comparing these jackets' rated insulation and ventilation factors to regional temperatures and your activity levels, selecting the ideal Spyder jacket becomes easy. This allows for staying cosy and dry across the hill without soggy overheating.


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