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Adventures on skis

With more and more people taking up adventurous skiing in a bid to get away from the lifts and pistes, we want to make sure that our customers find the right gear. We see 4 distinct groups on the piste and have created the categories below to help you find clothing thats designed for your style. Feel free to pick and choose any combination that takes your fancy, but we hope that our guide will help you if you're needing a pointer.

Performance Ski

The mountains are calling. Whether you’re just starting out or you caught the ski bug long ago, it’s the once or twice a year extravagance that allows you to bond with family and friends over a day of fun on the mountain and a gluwein in the lodge. Beginner, intermediate or slope veteran, you aspire to one-day conquer the piste with ease and are looking for reliable equipment that looks great and gives you the top notch performance that you need to help you get there. There just isn’t time to get to grips with complex kit, so you want straightforward, practical gear that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable for season’s to come; allowing you to make the most of your time in the resort, without breaking the bank.

Premium Ski

Each season, your passion for the mountains grows, and with it your desire to be the best. Building your skill, you are committed to leaving the intermediate plateau far behind, aspiring to take on the greats from the Lauberhorn in Wengen to La Face de Bellevard in Val D’Isere. The days when you were happy to ‘make do’ are long gone; you are now an experienced skier, you know what you want from your kit and you’re willing to invest in it. You demand the highest quality fabrics and features and you don’t want to compromise on style. You want to turn heads as you execute your turns, dressed in the finest, cutting-edge alpine couture that exudes luxury and elegance from head to toe and lift to lodge.

Adventure Ski

You yearn to break free of the piste, to escape the crowds and head off into the great unknown. You have committed to the eternal pursuit for the perfect powder; that raw, untouched terrain that makes you feel both insignificant and invincible. Leaving the ski lifts behind, you explore unchartered territory in search of challenge and adventure; there are no radiators or hand dryers out here, so your kit has to be as tough and dependable as you are to ensure that the snow stays out and the heat stays in. Earning your turns by climbing and hiking, you carry a pack that keeps your extra layers, supplies and safety equipment close at hand, allowing you to immerse yourself in the backcountry for the purest possible mountain experience.
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Whether you hit the slopes every chance that you get, or you’re on that one hallowed trip of the year, you’re in search of the ultimate ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re perfecting linking your turns; throwing tricks in the park or escaping into the backcountry, when you get it right it’s the best feeling on earth. You want your set-up completely dialled and if the snow’s good, you want to be able to ride from first lift to last lift, so you need clothing that can take whatever the elements have to throw at it, with a laid-back urban look that can take you from snow to street. You love an innovative feature and any effort to keep your media tech safely close at hand is a definite plus, whether you’re cruising to tunes or hanging in the lodge.