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With peaceful pistes and early-season offers aplenty, Christmas is a great opportunity to improve your on-piste skiing precision. Dynastar Ambassador and TDCski Coach Giles Lewis, based in Val d’Isere, France, shares some of his top tips for optimising technique, performance and enjoyment:

Ski What's Good...

Just like you can’t expect to ski light, fresh powder every day at the end of April, you shouldn’t expect a deep snowpack with 100% coverage skiing in December (although both can happen).


The off piste is not always ready to ride; a thinner snowpack makes some routes non-negotiable, and the rocks can be found too easily on skis.


The pistes, however, are in pristine condition; they are normally firm and grippy with a mixture of artificial and natural snow, which are perfect conditions for a technical tune-up!

coach giles Lewis + skiing

Focus on your Form

Feel what your skis are doing and how they interact with the snow, then ask these questions to finesse your skiing form:

  • Are both skis tilted the same amount?
  • Do both skis turn the same amount at the same time? If not, are they parallel?
  • Are you balanced through the outside ski, rather than balanced through both skis?
  • Does your upper body wave around manically or is there good control of the shoulders with a strong core supporting the legs and torso?
  • Can you feel the heel, ball of the foot and shin touching (but not bending) the front of your ski boot? If so, you are well-balanced and should be able to steer both your skis.
  • Is there a consistent ski pole plant helping to link your turns?
coach giles Lewis + skiing

Enjoy Yourself!

Don’t try to concentrate on improving all of the above points at once – take one element at a time and give it a go.


If you get frustrated, take a break, soak up the scenery, enjoy that fresh mountain air and keep smiling – you can always practice again later!

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