Roxy Ski Jackets

About Roxy Ski Jackets

Roxy is a popular women's surf, snow and fitness brand started in 1990. They are known for making stylish and functional products for adventurous women. Roxy ski jackets are designed to look great and perform well in wintry conditions. They come in many different styles such as insulated, shell, lightweight and waterproof. Roxy uses innovative fabrics and technology like PrimaLoft insulation and Dry Flight technology to create jackets that are warm, breathable, waterproof and packable. Roxy snow jackets feature technical features like media pockets, goggle pockets, helmet-compatible hoods, powder skirts and more. Whether you ski at a resort, in the backcountry or anywhere in between, Roxy has a ski jacket to meet your needs.


Why Choose a Roxy Ski Jacket?

There are many reasons why Roxy ski jackets are a great choice for your winter adventures:

  • Tailored Fit for Women → Roxy designs their jackets specifically for the female form. They are shaped to flatter and allow full mobility. This tailored fit provides comfort and style while skiing.
  • Innovative Fabrics & Insulation → Roxy uses high-quality technical fabrics and insulation to provide warmth, weather protection, breathability and packability. Many jackets feature PrimaLoft Gold Luxe insulation which is ultra warm, lightweight and compressible. Others have Dry Flight technology shells that are waterproof and breathable.
  • Technical Features → Roxy jackets for women have features designed for function on the slopes. This includes helmet-compatible hoods, powder skirts, moisture-wicking linings, wrist gaiters, media pockets and more. The jackets are designed to work seamlessly with your other ski gear.
  • Variety of Styles → With an array of colours, prints and designs, you can find a Roxy ski jacket to match your style. Choose from fitted, relaxed, long, short, bright or neutral styles. There are both lightweight and heavily insulated options.
  • Trusted Brand → Roxy has over 30 years of experience outfitting female athletes for winter sports. They are known for making durable and reliable snow jackets season after season. You can trust their jackets to perform on the mountain.

Roxy Insulated & Down Jackets

Roxy's warmest jackets feature heavy insulation to keep you toasty on the chilliest days. Key options include:


PrimaLoft Insulated Jackets 

Roxy utilises PrimaLoft insulation technology in many of their insulated ski jacket designs. PrimaLoft is an innovative synthetic insulation that mimics the properties of goose down but with some performance advantages. PrimaLoft insulated jackets from Roxy are exceptionally lightweight and compressible, making them easy to pack in your bag or stuff into a pocket. The insulation dries quickly and maintains up to 98% of its warming capacity even when wet from snow or rain. This makes PrimaLoft ideal for wet winter activities compared to down. Roxy uses various weights and types of PrimaLoft based on the temperature rating of the jacket. For extreme cold weather, they use PrimaLoft Gold Luxe which is their warmest, highest-performing synthetic insulation. The Gold Luxe PrimaLoft maintains excellent breathability and compressibility for its warmth. Roxy cleverly maps the insulation in areas most prone to heat loss like the collar, hood, sleeves and torso while minimising insulation on heat-prone zones like the underarms and sides. This gives you warmth where you need it without bulk and overheating. The thoughtful design and use of PrimaLoft insulation give Roxy jackets reliable warmth even in wet wintry conditions.


Down Insulated Jackets

When maximum warmth and compressibility are needed, Roxy utilises premium down insulation in select ultra-warm jacket designs. Down insulation originates from waterfowl like geese and ducks and their undercoating of fine fluffy plumage. The soft plumules are shaped to trap air which provides outstanding thermal insulation properties. Roxy only uses responsibly sourced premium down with high fill power ratings of 650 to 800 in their down jackets. Fill power denotes the volume and quality of the down clusters; higher numbers indicate greater loft and warmth. Since down compresses are so small, Roxy can use them to create sleek, stylishly slim insulated jackets with incredible warmth. The major drawback of down is that it loses its ability to loft and insulate when exposed to significant moisture. Therefore, Roxy insulated jackets also utilise durable, moisture-resistant shell fabrics to protect the down. Though not as versatile in wetness as PrimaLoft, premium down gives Roxy's warmest options for frigid dry days on the slopes. When properly cared for, a Roxy down-filled ski jacket provides unbeatable warmth for seasons to come.


3-in-1 Jackets 

Many of Roxy’s ski jackets utilise a 3-in-1 design with separate inner insulated jackets and outer waterproof shell jackets that can be worn together or separately. This system provides versatility to adapt to changing mountain weather and variable output levels. The insulated inner jacket typically uses synthetic PrimaLoft insulation to retain warmth even in wet conditions. The outer shell jacket employs waterproof, breathable membranes like Dry Flight to keep the weather out while allowing vapour to escape. On warm sunny days or when building up heat from exercise, you can wear just the insulated inner jacket for lightweight warmth. If the weather turns stormy or temperatures drop, simply layer on the protective outer shell for enhanced waterproofing and wind resistance. Some Roxy 3-in-1 jackets have fully removable inner jackets while others have sleeves and body portions that snap apart for modular layering. This multi-jacket system allows you to customise your insulation, breathability and weather protection by adding or subtracting layers as dictated by the conditions and activity level. Roxy's 3-in-1 jackets offer the versatility to stay comfortably warm and dry across changing mountain environments.


Roxy Softshell Jackets

Roxy utilises softshell fabrics to create lightweight, breathable ski jackets with modest weather protection for high-output snow sports. Softshell jackets sit in between hard shells and insulation layers, providing a finely tuned balance of stretch, breathability, weather resistance and warmth. Roxy softshells use flexible woven or knitted exterior face fabrics with a subtle DWR (durable water-repellent) coating. Roxy ski jackets with DWR coating allow water to bead up and roll off the surface while the tightly woven face fabric resists light snow and rain from saturating the jacket. Underneath, they have a soft fleece backing or light insulated liner to retain warmth generated during aerobic activity. Roxy softshell ski jackets maximise comfort through the use of stretchy woven, knitted or hybrid panels that allow full mobility. The four-way stretch moving zones conform to your natural range of motion. Breathable and quick-drying materials coupled with underarm vents allow sweat moisture to evaporate instead of building up when working hard. The fabrics wick moisture from the skin outward to keep you dry. Roxy dialled in their softshell jackets to offer weather resistance during high-energy winter sports like backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing or winter trail running. The balance of wind and precipitation protection, breathability, stretch and light insulation maintains comfort across varying output levels in less extreme weather. Softshell jackets work best as mid-layers under hard shells in very cold conditions or wet precipitation. For moderate winter days, Roxy softshells can be worn as stand-alone outer layers during high aerobic activities. Their finely tuned performance bridges the gap between outer shells and warm layers.


Roxy Hardshell & Ski Shell Jackets

When full weather protection is needed on the slopes, Roxy's hardshell and ski shell jackets provide waterproof, breathable and windproof performance. They utilise advanced fabric technologies like Dry Flight to keep exterior moisture out while allowing sweat vapour to escape. Dry Flight is Roxy's proprietary polyurethane membrane laminated between the outer fabric and inner lining that repels liquid water drops while transporting water vapour at the microscopic level. This striking balance of waterproofing and breathability prevents both external wetness and internal moisture build-up. Fully taped seams seal out water ingress where fabric panels meet while DWR (durable water-repellent) treatments on the outer fabric cause precipitation to bead up and roll off. Roxy pairs the Dry Flight membrane with high gauge woven shell fabrics that resist tearing, abrasion and wetness penetration. Despite the robust protection, the jackets remain supple and lightweight. Venting options like underarm zip vents, back vents and side vents allow you to expel excess heat and moisture generated during vigorous activities. The pit zips are backed with mesh to rapidly dump humidity without compromising warmth. Roxy loads their hardshell jackets with ski-specific features like powder skirts, helmet-compatible hoods, wrist gaiters, media pockets and more. Clean lines give the jackets a refined style. Hard shells shine in relentlessly wet snow or rain when you need reliable moisture protection. They also excel layered over insulation pieces in frigid conditions. Roxy hardshell jackets provide the ultimate in weather protection and breathability for stormy days ripping down the slopes. The high-performance shields you from the elements while optimising airflow, comfort and style.


Roxy Ski Jacket Features

Roxy loads their ski jackets with technical features to enhance performance. Here are some key features found across their ski jacket line:


Waterproof and breathable Fabrics

Roxy utilises innovative waterproof yet breathable fabric technologies to protect from precipitation while allowing sweat vapour to escape. Their proprietary Dry Flight membrane acts as an impermeable barrier to liquid water from the exterior environment. However, the micro-porous structure still transports water vapour molecules generated by sweat and respiration through condensation and diffusion. This carefully balanced combination keeps external moisture out while optimising internal moisture release. Dry Flight and other speciality membranes offer an ideal give-and-take between waterproofness and breathability. Roxy maps these technical fabrics onto critical moisture-prone zones like shoulders while using more permeable fabrics on heat-release zones around the underarms and sides. The company's expertise in tailoring fabric technologies enhances comfort across aerobic winter activities.


Fully Taped Seams

Roxy improves moisture protection in their ski jackets by fully taping any seams in vulnerable areas. Sewn seams between fabric panels can allow ingress of wind, precipitation and water if not properly sealed. Roxy waterproof jackets have seam sealing tape on the inside of high-exposure seams around the shoulders, sides, cuffs and hood. The tape covers the tiny holes created by stitching, acting as a continuous barrier against moisture sneaking through needle holes. Fully taping strategic seams reduces leaks and downgrades in weather protection around the seals of adjoining fabric pieces. This enhances the waterproofness provided by the outer fabric and membrane technologies. Taped seams lock out moisture for optimal warmth and comfort on the slopes.


PrimaLoft & Down Insulation

Roxy ski jackets employ either high-tech synthetic PrimaLoft insulation or premium downfill depending on the warmth and weather protection needs. Many styles use PrimaLoft in the torso, sleeves and hood to provide low bulk warmth that maintains insulating performance even when damp. PrimaLoft mimics down properties while avoiding moisture sensitivity. Roxy ski jackets with PrimaLoft® Gold Luxe insulation provide ultra-warm protection for frigid conditions. Higher-end Roxy jackets geared for maximum warmth in dry conditions utilise responsibly sourced goose or duck down. The fluffy lofted-down clusters trap heat extremely well given their low weight. The premium fills power down allows Roxy to construct slim jackets with incredible warmth. However, down does lose loft and warming ability when exposed to significant moisture. Together, PrimaLoft and Down give Roxy jackets an ideal balance of steady warmth and lightweight heat-trapping across conditions.


Helmet Compatible Hoods

Roxy designs their jacket hoods to integrate seamlessly with ski and snowboard helmets for full protection from the elements. The hoods are cut to fit over the top of most helmet profiles and sizes. Once in place, interior cinches and ribbons allow you to adjust the closeness around your helmet and dial in peripheral vision. Faux fur ruffs on some hoods seal in warmth around the neck while adding stylish flair. For active resort skiing, the hoods block wind, seal out blowing snow and prevent moisture ingress down the collar. Roxy's helmet-ready hoods optimise coverage and visibility while keeping your gear dialled and streamlined.


Media Pockets

Roxy designs clever media pockets into many of their ski jackets to provide an integrated route for headphone cords and earbud wires. The pockets allow you to safely run cords from interior waist pockets up through channels that lead to the neck area. This keeps your headphone wires contained within the jacket instead of dangling on the exterior. Some pockets have grommet openings or cord ports that allow you to feed the thin cables out at neck level while keeping everything else concealed. This internal wire routing keeps you connected to your phone or music without having dangling cords get in the way or be exposed to snags and cold. The media pockets streamline your on-slope audio experience for uncompromised safety, comfort and convenience. You can move with headphones freely without external cords flapping around or freezing up.


Powder Skirts

Powder skirts are elasticised closures at the waist of Roxy ski jackets that seal out snow and wind in tandem with snow pants during deep powder skiing. The lightweight inner skirts made of stretch neoprene prevent upward migration of cold air and snow through the waist opening when bending and rotating. Pairing the jacket powder skirt with your snow pants creates a continuous seal around your core. This locks in warmth and keeps you considerably drier when riding deep snow on blustery days. Without a powder skirt, blowing snow can make its way up underneath your layers. Roxy's designs often allow you to connect the coat directly to pant waistbands with snap loops for the ultimate integration. For resort and backcountry skiing, a powder skirt keeps you riding in comfort no matter how deep the fresh snow gets.


Ventilation Options

Roxy equips their ski jackets with strategically placed zip vents to provide adjustable airflow and cooling as you build up heat. The underarm pit zip vents offer significant airflow and moisture exhaust right where you need it most. Opening the pit zips releases heat and humidity to prevent overheating when working hard. Back vents and side vents offer supplemental relief. Some vents have mesh backing to accelerate evaporation and cooling power. The two-way zippers make it easy to open and close the vents on the fly with gloved hands. With multiple vents throughout, you can fine-tune ventilation as aerobic intensity rises or temperatures climb. The cooling design allows you to ski vigorously without getting uncomfortable. Then close everything up to seal in warmth at the lift line or lodge. Roxy's adaptive venting gives you custom comfort.


Inner Wind Guards

Roxy ski jackets employ interior wind guards behind the front zipper closures to prevent cold outside air from rushing in as you zip up. The wind guards are fabric panels that lay flat behind the toothed zippers, acting as an air blocker when closed. They seal out frigid air from jetting through tiny gaps in the zipper coils so you stay warmer. Without an inner wind guard, cold airflow can penetrate the teeth and siphon away precious heat. Some coats have chin guards at the collar that accomplish the same blocking of airflow. The interior guards also reduce bulk and internal flapping from wind gusts entering the jacket. Roxy's inner wind barriers deliver noticeably more warmth and comfort on blustery slopes without compromising venting.


Wrist Gaiters

Roxy incorporates wrist gaiters on many jackets to seal out snow and wind through the often gaping sleeve cuffs. The gaiters are made of stretchy neoprene and slide inside the sleeve cuff, creating an insulating and snug wrist seal. Thumb loops on the gaiter sleeves integrate with glove thumbs to fully enclose the wrist with no gaps. This prevents cold air, precipitation and powder from sneaking up the arms as you lean and articulate. Snow and ice can quickly cause discomfort when they come in contact with bare wrists between jacket sleeves and gloves. Some gaiters have inner sleeves you tuck gloves into for a tight tapered fit. Roxy's wrist gaiter system locks in warmth and comfort at a major heat loss point. Keeping snow and wind out of your gloves or mitts enhances dexterity while preventing frigid moisture contact with the skin.


RECCO® Reflectors

Some Roxy ski jackets contain small RECCO reflector patches sewn into the fabric for rapid avalanche rescue. RECCO is an acronym for Rescue Emergency Communications Computer. The mini reflector patches passively rebound search signals from RECCO detectors carried by ski patrols and search and rescue teams. Even when buried deep below the snow surface, the RECCO reflectors reflect radar signals to the detector to pinpoint your location. Once found, avalanche beacons and probes can be used for final spotting and rescue. The RECCO system greatly accelerates initial detection when buried compared to beacon searching alone. The passive reflectors require no batteries or maintenance. Roxy's RECCO-enhanced jackets could make the difference in being found fast after an avalanche.


Cinch Cords & Adjustable Hem

Roxy jackets use easy cinching systems to customise and fine-tune the fit for changing conditions and layers. Elastic or adjustable ribbon drawcords at the waist, hood and hem allow you to snug up openings to seal in warmth and keep weather out. Cinching the hood also optimises peripheral vision while locking down stability in the wind. Ribbon tension locks, cord locks and metal spring snaps make it easy to tighten up the fit on the go with gloves on. Some jackets have adjustable snap closures at the waist and wrists for precision in dialling it all in. You can loosen areas up as you heat up or need to ventilate. Having fit adaptability enables peak performance across variable mountain scenarios.


Find Your Ideal Roxy Ski Jacket for Any Terrain or Condition


Roxy Ski Jackets for Backcountry Skiing

When venturing into the backcountry, having the right jacket is crucial. Roxy ski jackets for backcountry skiing provide the ideal blend of weather protection, breathability, packability and utility. Lightweight insulation coupled with waterproof yet breathable membranes allows you to stay warm and dry even in the most extreme mountain environments. Features like helmet-compatible hoods, powder skirts and RECCO reflectors boost safety. Zippered pit vents and adjustable cuffs enhance ventilation and fit. The streamlined designs move with you without restriction. Roxy backcountry ski jackets give you the confidence to explore while keeping weight down. Turn any untouched powder field into your playground by gearing up with a Roxy backcountry-ready jacket.


Roxy Ski Jackets for Resort Skiing

Hitting the resort slopes demands a jacket that can handle everything the mountain throws your way. Roxy ski jackets for resort skiing combine weather protection, versatility and style. The wide range of insulation options provides choices for all temperature ranges and conditions. Layering-friendly designs allow adapting to shifting mountain weather. Resort-specific features like moisture-wicking linings, media pockets and powder skirts enhance performance. You'll find designs from timeless solids to bold prints and colours to match your mood. Roxy crafts their resort jackets to be durable yet comfortable for all-day riding. Their jackets allow you to focus on perfecting your technique while staying warm, dry and looking great on the chairlift.


Roxy Ski Jackets for Freeride Skiing

Freeride skiing is all about chasing powder and sending it in wide-open terrain. To nail huge lines, you need a jacket designed for charging. Roxy ski jackets for freeride skiing maximise mobility while maintaining functionality. An unrestricted range of motion lets you move freely while buttery PrimaLoft insulation and Dry Flight membranes shield you from harsh elements. Open-style hems with adjustment cords provide adaptable coverage for any line. Zippered underarm vents prevent overheating on hikes and long tours. You'll stay cool and collected scouting lines in the backcountry and ripping big verticals on powder days. Roxy freeride jackets give you the tools and toughness to ski big and ski hard while keeping the style dialled.


Roxy Ski Jackets for All-Mountain Skiing

To ski it all, you need one jacket that can do it all. Roxy ski jackets for all-mountain skiing provide versatile performance across any terrain or condition. Thoughtful designs balance weather protection, insulation warmth, mobility and ventilation. Hard shell and soft shell models allow choosing the ideal level of breathability and protection for the day. Cinch cords, hood fit and powder skirts adapt the jackets to changing elements or speed. Inside and outside pockets securely carry must-have items. Roxy all-mountain jackets let you take one uncompromising jacket from park to powder to piste. Their unmatched versatility keeps you shredding from the first chair to the last call.

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