Burton Snowboards

Snowboarding is a thrilling winter sport that involves sliding down snow-covered slopes on a snowboard attached to your feet. Having the right snowboard bindings is essential for control, response, and comfort when carving down the mountain. For over 40 years, Burton Snowboards has been at the forefront of snowboard innovation and technology. Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, Burton was instrumental in transforming snowboarding from a backyard hobby into a global sport. Based in Vermont, USA, Burton's commitment to building high performance snowboards with cutting-edge technology has cemented their reputation as the most iconic and trusted brand in snowboarding. Burton Snowboards for Men are tailored to different riding styles and terrain preferences. Their men's lineup includes versatile all-mountain boards, freeride focused boards, surfy powder boards, park boards and backcountry options. Some top men's boards from Burton's lineup include the Skeleton Key -aAn extremely versatile men's board optimized for powder but ideal for all-mountain adventures. On the other side, Burton Snowboards for Women  account for differences in anatomy with subtly softer flexes and narrower waist widths for improved comfort and control. Top women's snowboards from Burton include: Burton Feelgood - the quintessential women's all-mountain board blending pop and versatility across varied terrain and conditions.


Burton All-Mountain Snowboards

As the name suggests, all-mountain snowboards are designed to handle whatever the mountain throws at you. With balanced flex patterns and versatile hybrid camber profiles, all-mountain boards offer a smooth ride whether you're cruising groomed runs or exploring the backcountry. The moderate flex and rocker-camber combinations provide a lively, playful feel that suits progressing beginners as well as intermediate and advanced riders seeking a quiver-of-one board capable of adapting to varied terrain and conditions. All-mountain boards like the Burton Custom, Process, and Skeleton Key feature directional twin shapes, mid-level flexes, and rocker in the tip and tail which maintains float and catch-free feel while the camber zone underfoot delivers pop and power for carving. Many all-mountain boards use Frostbite edges which add extra contact points for grip on hard pack and icy conditions. The versatility of all-mountain boards makes them ideal for riders looking to expand their skills across the whole mountain from park laps to powder runs and everything in between. With balanced performance across multiple disciplines, all-mountain boards allow you to confidently ride the entire resort without compromise.


Burton Park Snowboards

Park snowboards are specially constructed for freestyle riding in the terrain park and maximising tricks in the pipe. Made with softer more flexible constructions, park boards make it easier to manipulate the board and tweak tricks during spins, boxes, rails, jibs and big air jumps. The relaxed flex patterns and forgiving rocker dominant profiles allow riders to flex and press the board with minimal effort. Park boards are often twin shaped with centered stance options and less aggressive camber zones to facilitate riding switch and executing spins and landings with control. Many of Burton's park boards like the Burton Kilroy Twin, Funslinger and Ripcord also utilise flat-top camber profiles that maintain stability between the feet while still providing looser feel in the tips and tails. Built-in squeezebox technology enhances the subtle flex for tweaking grabs. The shiny extruded bases on park boards reduce friction for better glide speed approaching jumps and jib features. Park boards allow freestyle riders to progress their bag of tricks with confidence by providing a playful, tweakable feel optimised for dominating the terrain park from boxes and rails to kickers and halfpipes.


Burton Powder Snowboards

Powder boards are specifically designed to help riders float effortlessly through deep snow. They are wide snowboards with exaggerated rocker in the nose to prevent diving in deep snowpack. Many powder boards feature directional tapered shapes, setback stances, and swallowtail shapes modeled after surfboards to allow you to slash and surf through bottomless powder. Burton powder boards like the Fish and Family Tree Swashbuckler have extra wide waists to increase float. The oversized rocker profile lifts the nose out of deep powder. Directional flex patterns keep the boards stiff torsionally for charging through varied terrain while maintaining ample longitudinal flex for playful maneuverability. The rocker-dominant profiles allow riders to sway and steer the boards through trees and down steeps with greater ease. Deep sidecuts, edge tech like Frostbite, and Magne-Traction serrations provide grip when needed to drive out of turns and navigate tight tree lines. From deep champagne powder to dense coastal snow, powder boards let you explore the mountain's deepest stashes with unrivaled float and control.


Burton Directional Snowboards

Directional snowboards are shaped with a tapered nose that is wider than the tail. This directional shape enables greater control driving through deeper snow with the widened nose plowing through chunky snow and variable conditions with more authority. The tapered design increases surface contact for better float in powder. It also enhances stability at speed and dampens vibration through uneven terrain. Many of Burton's freeride focused snowboards feature directional shapes to optimise performance blasting through anything the mountain throws at you. Boards like the Custom X, Deep Thinker, and Hometown Hero use directional twin outlines with tapered noses to improve high speed stability and float in variable snow conditions. The directional shape allows riders to rail deep arcing carves with confidence. Directional boards maintain pop and response through camber underfoot while the lifted tips float through chopped up crud and plow through soft snow with control. Going fast and aggressively down the entire mountain frontside to backcountry is what directional boards do best.


Burton Freeride Snowboards

Freeride snowboards are specifically engineered for charging aggressive lines and bombing down the entire mountain with speed and precision. Freeride boards feature stiffer more responsive flexes to provide pop and unwavering stability in difficult snow conditions and steep terrain at higher speeds. They utilise camber dominant profiles, sometimes with mild rocker in the nose, to deliver tenacious edge hold and explosive power out of turns - key factors when riding fast and pushing limits off-piste. Burton freeride models like the Custom X, Deep Thinker, and Landlord offer expert riders a platform to charge narrow chutes, rip down steeps, and blast through variable crud with control thanks to their super stiff flexes and camber profiles. They maintain damp stability and edge grip even when landing big cliff drops at speed. Many freeride boards are directional in shape to plow through chopped up snow while floating through the deep stuff. They also feature blunted tips and tapered tails for navigating tight lines through trees and cliffs. Serious freeriders who are constantly pushing their limits in aggressive high speed terrain will appreciate the unrelenting performance of Burton's freeride snowboard range.


Burton Snowboards with Channel Mounting System

Introduced in 2003, Burton's Channel system revolutionised snowboard mounting technology by allowing adjustable stance angles and widths using a center channel that runs along the board's camber crest. All Burton boards now feature the Channel system for unmatched adjustability and control. Key benefits of the Channel system include:

  • Customisable Stance Options - Riders can fine tune stance width and angles for dialed positioning. Wider options improve stability while narrower widths increase maneuverability.
  • Precise Binding Response - With bindings mounted along the board's sweet spot, board flex and rider input transfers directly for sharper response.
  • Board Feel - Unimpeded by disc plates, Channel boards provide a more natural flex and livelier feel for improved control.
  • Easy Binding Installation - Bindings slide onto specialised Channel hardware and lock in place with two screws, allowing tool-free adjustments.
  • Lightweight Strength - The Channel's continuous effect along the board's spine increases torsional rigidity for efficient power transmission.

Burton Snowboards with EST Binding System

Exclusive to Burton boards, the EST binding system integrates bindings directly into the Channel mount for a seamless union between board and rider. EST bindings feature a reduced and flexible mini disc to maximise board flex and response through the feet. Benefits of Burton's EST binding system include:

  • Unmatched Board Flex - With bindings built into the board's construction, EST allows boards their full and natural flex for livelier ride feel.
  • Eliminates Dead Spots - EST removes all dead zones underfoot to transmit rider input directly into the board for razor sharp response.
  • Comfortable Fit - EST bindings are designed with an ergonomic design built around the Channel hardware for a seamless foot to board interface.
  • Lightweight Simplicity - Drastically reducing material, EST delivers a simple convenient setup at a lighter weight.
  • Precise Adjustability - Like Channel boards, EST enables limitless fine tuning of angles and stance positioning for customised control.

Burton Snowboard Camber Profile Technologies


Burton Snowboards with Camber

Traditional camber profiles are characterised by an arched curve in the board's design that places the center of the board above the contact points at the tip and tail. This upward bend in the board creates tension and flexion that act like a spring, providing explosive pop as energy gets loaded and released as the board flattens during turns. Camber's tension curve also transmits energy and rider input with responsive precision. Additionally, the camber's upward arc causes the tip and tail to firmly press down, increasing edge pressure and grip. This makes camber exceptional for hard carving, digging trenches on steep terrain, and blasting through icy conditions with firm edge hold. Camber boards tend to be more aggressive and responsive at speed. Burton utilises traditional camber on freeride focused boards like the Custom X and Deep Thinker. These stiff boards maximise camber's power and edge grip so experts can bomb steep lines and variable terrain with control. Burton's Parabolic camber is a modified traditional profile with a more pronounced inward curve underfoot that increases pop and stability at speed.


Burton snowboards with rocker

In contrast to camber, rocker profile boards make contact only at the tip and tail while the center section arches up off the snow. This profile essentially reverses the lift effect of traditional camber. The uplifted center reduces the edge's bite for a looser, more forgiving feel that is less catchy and more maneuverable. Rocker boards are much easier to flex, ideal for butters and presses. The lifted nose allows for deeper snow penetration and excellent float in powder. Rocker profiles initiate turns with ease and provide a surfier ride feel. However, rocker sacrifices some pop and stability compared to camber. Burton uses rocker profiles on jib-focused boards like the Ripcord and Kilroy Twin to provide a playful, loose feel for tricks. They also apply deep rocker on powder boards like the Fish and Swashbuckler to dramatically improve float in deep snow.


Burton Snowboards with Hybrid Profiles

Hybrid profiles aim to get the best aspects of both camber and rocker by incorporating a rockered tip/tail with cambered sections in the center. The rockered sections provide some of the looseness and float of full rocker boards while the camber zone offers added pop and stability. Many of Burton's all-mountain boards use various hybrid shapes. The Process camber has mild camber between the feet with rockered tip/tail for versatility across conditions and terrain. Burton's Flying V rocker-camber profile features a gently arched camber zone underfoot that flows into a rockered nose and tail. The Custom also uses a mild rocker tip and tail with dominant camber section that maintains power. Hybrid profiles create boards that are versatile and adaptable across the whole mountain. Customisable profiles like Channel-mounting allow the rider to fine tune rocker and camber balance for personalised performance. Burton's advanced engineering strives to maximise the synergy in hybrid shapes.


Burton Snowboards for Every Skill Level

Burton has been committed to fueling progression at every stage from first-timer to seasoned expert and offers an unparalleled range of high performance snowboards tailored to every skill level.


Burton Snowboards for Beginners

As the leading snowboard brand, Burton offers several high quality snowboards specifically designed for beginner riders. Beginner-focused boards have forgiving soft flexes and rockered profiles to make learning smoother and more enjoyable. The Burton LTR (Learn to Ride) board is a lightweight, flexible board made for true new riders with no experience. It features an early rise rocker profile with rockered tips that initiate turns with ease and prevent catching edges. The riglet package comes in multiple sizes to suit kids as young as 3 years old. The Burton Ripcord also employs an easy-riding rocker profile combined with a soft, flexible Custom Flex Core for forgiveness. Its bevelled PTEX 3500 base edges increase stability and offer durability. The Ripcord is also an excellent choice for beginners looking to ride their first season in the park. For an upgrade pick, the Burton Instigator blend rocker in the tips with mild camber underfoot. This improves edge grip as beginners progress. The directional twin shape allows for versatility beyond groomed runs. Beginners will appreciate the intuitive turn initiation and playfulness of rockered and hybrid profiles from Burton. Softer flexes prevent washouts as new riders work on linking turns and edging. Excellent beginner boards build confidence and make the learning process smooth.


Burton Snowboards for Intermediate Riders

After graduating from newbie terrain, intermediate riders can advance their skills with Burton boards offering increased versatility, stability, and pop. Intermediate boards help conquer more varied terrain and snow conditions. The Burton Custom and Custom Flying V strike an ideal balance of flex, pop, and float for advancing riders. Their versatility suits advancing skills from groomed runs to powder lines. The Custom can also come in a mid-wide size to accommodate larger boot sizes. The Process Flying V has mild camber underfoot for drive and stability laying trenches on groomed runs linked to rocker in the nose/tail for playful float in soft snow. Its mid-stiffness gives confidence for exploring off-piste terrain. The Burton Instigator also suits progressing intermediates with its hybrid rocker tips for float and cambered stability underfoot complemented by Frostbite edges for grip on icy steeps. Intermediate riders will appreciate the blend of responsiveness, versatility and forgiving ease Burton offers for conquering more of the mountain with smooth confidence.


Burton Snowboards for Advanced Riders

Burton's advanced snowboard offerings are designed for experienced riders ready to charge narrow chutes, rip steep lines, and hit big features with control. Advanced decks maximise power, stability, and edge grip even at high speeds in difficult snow conditions. The Custom X utilises pure camber running tip to tail for lightning responsiveness and the ultimate in edge grip for experts. A super stiff layup of ultralight 686G carbon alloy provides razor sharp precision. The Variogrip Contour Edge grips like a knife. The Deep Thinker directional board delivers incredible edge hold and pop for charging down the fall line in the steepest terrain. Its tapered shape rips through variable conditions with damp stability. Freeriders seeking big mountain versatility will love the Flight Attendant. Its stiff camber dominant profile powers through crud and floaty rocker nose plows through chalky snow in wide open bowls. Burton's advanced boards are built with materials and tech that optimise high speed performance so experts can push limits with confidence and unmatched control.


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