Exploring the World of Quiksilver

Founded in Torquay on Australia's southeast coast in 1969, Quiksilver has always been inspired by the spirit of surfing. The brand's logo is even inspired by the crashing wave shape chosen by its founders, Alan Green and John Law. Much of that early apparel was designed for functionality in the surf, with boardshorts being a staple offering. Since those early days, Quiksilver has undergone numerous changes including global expansion, product line evolution, and even some financial challenges. However, through it all the core values and identity of the brand have remained.


For those fortunate enough to grow up along Australia's coastlines, Quiksilver has always been synonymous with the beach and surf lifestyle. With 50 plus years of experience, the brand has perfected their signature offerings to meet and exceed the needs of surfers, beach goers, outdoor adventurers, and even urban commuters. While Quiksilver does offer more technical products today such as wetsuits and surfboards, much of their collection can be utilised by people of all walks of life. So whether you're an avid surfer or just looking for some casual outdoor clothing, Quiksilver can deliver quality and style.


Quiksilver Products

The search for quality outdoor apparel and gear can be a long one, as is so often the case in life. There are many options available from hundreds of brands, all touting technical features and high-performance capabilities. However, amongst the masses there are the tried-and-true purveyors that have lead the way in beach lifestyle apparel for decades. Quiksilver is undoubtedly one such brand with a long history of quality products for men, women, and youth.


Key Things to Consider When Buying Quiksilver Apparel and Gear



Quiksilver clothing and gear is first and foremost designed with functionality and performance in mind. Boardshorts must be crafted with four-way stretch fabrics that won't restrict range of motion. T-shirts and jumpers should block wind while still being breathable. Surf gear must be durable enough to handle repeated use. While the iconic style and branding does matter, the gear has to be built to perform. So consider what you plan to use the items for before purchasing.



Quiksilver goods are designed to withstand the harsh conditions associated with coastal living. Not only do items need to perform today, but they need to keep performing for years to come. From rugged denims to UV-repellent boardshorts, quality is at the core of each piece. For those who will be hammering their gear week in and week out, having items that can withstand repeated use and abuse is critical.



Whether its vibrant colours and patterns or more understated classic looks, style is key. For the kids, there's a wide range of fun prints and pops of colour that allow them to stand out on the beach. Rugged urban commuters can gravitate towards dark tones with contrast detailing that look great on the city streets. And beach-bound surfers might prefer something in between that provides a bit of flair without sacrificing subtlety. No matter the style preferences, there are options within the diverse Quiksilver line-up to satisfy varying tastes.



Quiksilver has always had deep roots in surf culture. The look, feel, and branding of the gear all connect back to the passion for riding waves. So while the apparel and gear works wonderfully for a wide range of activities, there is significance to the epic history of surfing that flows through each item. For those that are passionate about that culture and the lifestyle, that's part of the attraction and appeal of the Quiksilver brand.



Outdoor garments need to deliver reliable performance across a whole spectrum of conditions. From cold early winter mornings to hot summer days, the clothing needs to work with seasonal changes. Cold weather beanies and jackets will have different material compositions and layering capabilities compared to quick-drying boardshorts and rash tops suited for the hottest of summer days. Consider how and when you'll use your Quiksilver gear to ensure the seasonal and climate-specific needs are satisfied.


Types of Quiksilver Apparel and Gear Available

With an expansive range of products catering to all aspects of beach and surf lifestyles, Quiksilver has an extensive portfolio of apparel and gear. To make the selection process easier, here is an overview of the primary collection ranges available.


Surf Apparel and Gear

As the core of Quiksilver's DNA, surf gear and clothing is undoubtedly plentiful. Wetsuits, boardshorts, rash vests, and other performance-geared apparel can be found in this range. Engineered with surf-specific features such as four-way stretch fabrics and UV protection, surf gear from Quiksilver will deliver.


Snow - Snowboard Clothing and Gear

Quiksilver has been shaking up the snowboard scene since we first swapped boardshorts for snowboards and hit the world’s tallest peaks. Supporting the first wave of snowboard riders, mens apparel and hardware celebrate the lifestyle. Made by snowboarders for snowboarders, Quiksilver works alongside an ever evolving cross section of pro riders, tech specialists and in-house designers to give you the best threads on the mountain. Outfitting everyday athletes and professional powder chasers alike, Quiksilver is king of the hill when it comes to kitting you out with the latest mens snowboarding gear. Designing a range of seasonal snow clothes for the action obsessed and style savvy snowboarder, our mens snowboard jackets, mens snowboard pants, multi-functional thermal layers and snowboarding accessories look to the science creating essential connections between sick snowboard style and life-saving product development.


Casual and Streetwear Apparel

T-shirts, flannels, jumpers, jeans – there are plenty of easy-wearing staples for off-the-beach environments as well. Pieces from this collection can be mixed and matched for casual days in the city or relaxing evenings around a campfire.



Quiksilver offers a wide range of footwear for all occasions. Classic boat shoes and thongs for laidback looks, athletic sandals and surf booties for activity-oriented pursuits, and even rugged boots and sneakers for hiking and outdoor adventures. 



No outfit is complete without some thoughtful accessories. Quiksilver carries bags, watches, jewellery, wallets, caps and hats to round out any look.


Women’s Apparel and Gear

Not to be overlooked, the women’s collection at Quiksilver rivals the men’s offering in size and scope. Activewear, dresses, swimwear, and outerwear – the options are vast to meet the full breadth of preferences and needs. Rest assured women can find equal quality and value throughout the wide product range.


Kid’s Apparel and Gear

Getting the little ones properly equipped early sets them up for a lifetime of beachside enjoyment. Quiksilver caters to toddlers through teens with clothing staples, surf gear, footwear, and accessories designed for rugged play. Bright colours and cool graphics make the range a favourite for youth.


Doing Your Research and Making Informed Decisions

With robust choices across a diverse product line, researching Quiksilver offerings that best align to intended uses is key. Start by looking at product descriptions, customer reviews, and ratings to gather insights from other consumers. This can help narrow options between comparable pieces and build a shortlist of items to evaluate. From there, look closely at product specifications. Understand what fabrics are being used, what type of insulation and weatherproofing is integrated, how adjustable or form-fitting the pieces are, etc. If you are between sizes or have questions about best fit, reach out to customer service with any queries you have. The added input can certainly help guide purchasing selections. Of course, product cost is a major factor as well. Quiksilver uses high-quality materials in its apparel which typically demands a slight premium over bargain-basement goods. However, the elevated price point aligns with decades of proven performance. For those planning regular usage for beach or outdoor adventures, the value gained by paying a bit more upfront for durable Quiksilver gear that maintains integrity season after season cannot be overstated. 


Where to Buy for Reliable Product Authenticity

When seeking Quiksilver goods, it is integral that consumers purchase from trusted retailers that source authentic stock directly from Quiksilver. Knock-off imitations and counterfeit products may closely resemble genuine gear visually online but will undeniably lack the quality craftsmanship the brand is renowned for. 

Opting for authorised sellers of Quiksilver products ensures buyers receive items that meet the stringent durability and performance benchmarks the company adheres to. While small mark-ups in cost compared to questionable online stores may exist, the confidence gained by receiving legitimate merchandise verifies the minor additional investment. Quiksilver operates a host of branded retail stores nationally where knowledgeable staff can provide guidance during the buying process as well. And reputable surf, skate, outdoor, and department stores also carry Quiksilver goods in their product mix. Checking that retailers advertise themselves as “authorised Quiksilver dealers” when buying online gives customers peace of mind regarding authenticity.


Getting the Most Out of Your Quiksilver Gear

Once purchased, caring for Quiksilver clothing and accessories properly helps extend usable lifetime significantly and reduces need for premature replacement purchases. Closely following care instructions for washing, drying, and storage preserves the high-quality fabrics and components used in production. And performing prompt repairs for damaged items prevents minor issues from becoming major ones. It is also wise not to relegate newer Quiksilver gear to “back-up” status where it waits for primary items to wear down before getting utilised. The gear is crafted to perform best when worn actively in the environments it was created for. So putting new items into steady rotation for their intended uses ensures maximum lifespan. For those really looking to reduce their environmental footprint, exploring second-hand Quiksilver goods via peer-to-peer platforms is also an option. Thanks to the durable designs, many items hold up remarkably well over multiple owners. Just be sure to authenticate the products through careful visual and tactical inspection before purchasing pre-owned gear.


Final Thoughts

Through over 50 years outfitting coastal enthusiasts worldwide with high-quality gear, Quiksilver has clearly solidified itself as an industry leader. The brand has also maintained deep connection to surf culture by staying true to those performance-focused roots season after season. Both aspects fuel the passion of buyers seeking apparel and equipment that seamlessly blends iconic style with functionality. By taking time to research and understand all that Quiksilver has available today across their men’s, women’s, and youth collections, new buyers are sure to find pieces perfectly aligned to their needs and preferences. And thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials used, those items will deliver enduring performance and enjoyment for many years beyond any single purchase. So for those ready to plunge into the Quiksilver lifestyle, the extensive gear catalogue awaits filled with time-tested offerings to explore.

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