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Discover the Perfect Pair of Boots for Your Next Adventure with Lowa


When it comes to outdoor adventures, having the right footwear can make all the difference between an epic trip and an uncomfortable slog. That's why for over 90 years, Lowa has been dedicated to producing high-quality boots and shoes specifically designed for hiking, backpacking, mountaineering and other outdoor pursuits. Whether you're planning a casual day hike or a demanding multi-day backpacking expedition, Lowa has the perfect footwear to keep you moving in total comfort.


The Rich History Behind Lowa's Expert Craftsmanship


Tracing its origins back to 1923 in Jetzendorf, Germany, Lowa Sportschuhfabrik has been family-owned for nearly a century. Founder Lorenz Wagner followed in his father’s footsteps crafting custom footwear for Bavarian farmers and laborers seeking durable leather boots tough enough for alpine terrain. This focus of form-fitting function over fashion cemented Lowa’s reputation for building rugged outdoor footwear engineered for traction, support and protection.


Over the decades, Lowa continued expanding their mountaineering roots by pioneering innovative technologies for their hiking, backpacking and climbing boots. They integrated modern fabrics like breathable Gore-Tex while fine-tuning foot-hugging lasts, shock-absorbing midsoles and grippy Vibram outsoles helping wearers safely traverse rocky ridgelines.


By the 1990s, their expertise caught the eye of outdoor enthusiasts and Lowa hiking boots fast became cult classics praised for their precision German construction. As demand grew abroad, Lowa launched American operations bringing their Old World craftsmanship overseas; they’ve since expanded across Europe, Asia and beyond.


Staying true to their heritage, Lowa’s time-tested boot designs continue advancing footwear technologies for outdoor adventurers tackling more ambitious expeditions on ever-more-extreme terrain.


Why Choose Lowa Hiking and Backpacking Boots


Superior Build Quality and Materials 


All Lowa boots feature sturdy, dependable construction to handle rugged terrain. Many models utilise durable full-grain nubuck or suede leather uppers, along with supportive midsoles and shock-absorbing Vibram or PU outsoles. From the stitching to the laces, Lowa boots are built to last through countless trail miles.


Customisable Fit and Supportive Footbeds 


The fit and feel of a hiking boot can make or break your wilderness experience. Lowa boots incorporate performance-focused lasts, allowing you to customise the fit for your foot shape. Most Lowa models also include the company’s patented triple-density Monowrap supportive footbed which provides essential cushioning and stability. Once broken in, Lowa boots feel like a natural extension of your feet.


Weatherproof Protection from the Elements


Many Lowa boots come equipped with state-of-the-art waterproof/breathable Gore-Tex liners to keep your feet dry in wet conditions while still allowing moisture vapor to escape. Models like the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid boots include seam-sealed construction for impenetrable weatherproofing from external moisture. If you’ll be hiking through rain, puddles or snow, Lowa offers many options to keep your feet warm and dry.


Advanced Comfort Features for All-Day Wear


A comfortable boot is essential for logging the miles on the trail. That’s why Lowa packs their boots with comfort-focused features like cushy midsoles, shock-absorbing inserts, padded ankle collars and tongues, and smooth leather or fabric linings. These creature comforts allow you to keep moving in total comfort when you’re deep in the backcountry.


Unrivaled Traction and Stability


Hitting slick, uneven trails demands boots with plenty of grip to keep you upright. Lowa hiking and backpacking boots come armed with Vibram outsoles featuring deep multi-directional lugs to provide traction in mud, snow and gravel. The wider platform of many Lowa models also promotes better balance and stability when you’re carrying a heavy pack across rough terrain.


Lightweight Designs for Fast Hiking


Every ounce counts when you’ve got miles to travel on the trail. Many Lowa boots utilise lightweight materials like durable synthetics, single-piece uppers and lightweight hardware to pare down the weight without compromising performance. Iconic models like the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid hiking boots tip the scales at under 2 pounds each, allowing you to move swiftly down the trail.


When you lace up a pair of thoughtfully designed Lowa boots, you’ll immediately notice the quality craftsmanship, custom-molded fit and rugged performance features that make them a cut above other hiking boots. They quickly become trusted companions mile after mile out on the trail.


Lowa Hiking Boots Perfect For...


Day Hiking and Short Backpacking Trips


Choices like the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid hiking boots provide lightweight, athletic performance perfect for hitting popular trails for a few hours or tackling an overnight backpacking adventure. The sleek, nimble design helps you efficiently churn out the miles while the weatherproof Gore-Tex liner keeps your feet bone dry.


Backpacking and Multi-Day Hiking Expeditions


Planning several days (or even weeks) deep in the backcountry demands a burly boot that can haul heavy loads over endless rugged terrain. The award-winning Lowa Tibet Pro GTX trekking boots feature a stiff, supportive midsole ideal for schlepping pack weight across rough landscape along with a soft leather lining for truly comfortable all-day wear. It's the ultimate backpacking workhorse.


Off-Trail Hiking and Scrambling Over Technical Terrain


Venturing beyond maintained trails requires stable, protective footwear to handle uneven rock fins, loose scree and other technical terrain. Lowa's approach-focused models like the Lowa Camino GTX hiking boots utilise rigid midsoles for torsional support plus deep-lugged outsoles that bite into sketchy surfaces, allowing you to travel confidently off-trail.


Fast-Paced Hiking and Light Backpacking


For those who like to push the pace on the trail without hauling tons of gear, Lowa's selection of lightweight, athletic boots strike the perfect balance of comfort, protection and nimble performance. Stars like the Lowa Renegade LL Mid hiking boots employ durable Cordura uppers, supportive midsoles and trail-gripping Vibram outsoles all at under 2 pounds each, ideal for crushing big daily mileage.


Winter Hiking and Snowshoeing Adventures


Hitting cold weather trails buried in snow demands serious waterproof boots with plenty of insulation to keep your toes toasty. Choices like Lowa's Tibet Extreme GTX hiking boots boast a climate membrane plus plush, faux fur lining to seal out winter moisture while retaining essential warmth as you trek across frozen landscapes.


Rainy Hikes and Wet Trail Conditions


Heading out in rainy weather is no match for Lowa boots armed with waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex liners. Icons like the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid hiking boots incorporate seam-sealed construction for impenetrable waterproofing from exterior moisture, helping keep your feet warm and dry even when the skies open up on the trail.


Hot Weather Hiking and Backpacking Trips


Venturing into arid deserts and canyons in the dead of summer requires breathable boots that won't turn your feet into a sweaty mess. Lowa's "GTX Active" hiking boots include special moisture-wicking linings and increased ventilation ideal for promoting air flow and cooling in hot conditions while maintaining waterproof integrity from external moisture.


Wide Feet Requiring Extra Volume


For those needing some extra toe room, Lowa offers various models with wider last shapes to comfortably accommodate broader feet. Choices like the Lowa Tibet GTX Trekking Boot come in custom widths to eliminate pinch points and irritation allowing wide-footed hikers to rack up the miles in total comfort.


Key Lowa Hiking and Backpacking Boots Models


Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Boots - Versatile, athletic hiking and lightweight backpacking icon featuring seam-sealed, waterproof Gore-Tex liner, supportive midsole and lightweight hardware.

Lowa Tibet GTX Trekking Boots - Rugged, weatherproof backpacking and long-distance trekking boots with climate-regulating lining, multi-density footbed and traction Vibram outsole.

Lowa Baffin Pro GTX Mountaineering Boots - Technical three-quarter alpine mountaineering/climbing boots with flexible midsole, adjustable strap system  and heavy-duty Vibram Mont traction outsole.

Lowa Camino GTX Hiking Boots - Stable, protective boots ideal for off-trail hiking and scrambling over uneven surfaces incorporating torsional support, Monowrap midsole and excellent traction.

Lowa Renegade LL Mid Hiking Boots - Athletic, ultralight boots perfect for fast hiking/backpacking featuring Cordura/suede upper, external PU frame and shock-absorbing midsole.


Must Have Lowa Accessories


Customise Comfort with Lowa Insoles


Slide in a pair of Lowa customised insoles to optimise the fit, support and feel of your boots. Choices like Lowa DynaPU insoles provide essential shock absorption when carrying loads while Lowa Softstep 2 insoles offer extra cushy comfort for all-day wear.


Keep Feet Dry with Lowa Trekking Socks


Slipping into squishy, sweaty socks mid-hike is rough. That's why Lowa's specially engineered trekking sock collection featuring targeted padding zones, ventilation channels and flat toe seams to eliminate friction. Choices like the Lowa Trekking Light and Trekking Medium Boot Height socks help keep feet comfortable, stabilised and blister-free inside Lowa boots.


Soft Leather Care and Weather Protection


Keep your leather Lowa boots healthy hike after hike with Lowa's line of boot care products. Lowa Leather Balm softens and conditions the leather while Lowa Nubuck and Suede Brush cleans and protects the nubuck/suede fabric. For weatherproofing, Lowa Shield spray-on protector repels moisture, snow and dirt, bolstering the longevity of your trusty boots.


Conquering Miles on the Trail with Lowa


While meticulously assembled by hand, Lowa boots are made for marching miles out in the wild beyond city streets. The burly builds, customised traction and carrying comfort that make them favorites with mountaineers also provide essential performance for hikers traversing forests or canyoneers edging narrow passages.


Lowa hiking and backpacking models strike an ideal balance of stability, protection and lightweight versatility making them perfectly suited for:


Day Hiking Popular Trails

Choices like the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid are ideal for recreational hiking thanks to the athletic build, grippy traction and lightweight comfort perfect for covering scenic mileage at a brisk pace.


Backpacking Multi-Day Trips

Backcountry adventures demand boots that can haul a heavy pack for days across rough landscape. Lowa models like the Tibet GTX earn rave reviews from long haul trekkers needing serious support mile after mile.


Off-Trail Hiking and Scrambling

Venturing beyond maintained trails requires footwear built for the unexpected like Lowa’s Camino GTX hiking boots with their rigid midsoles and deep-biting lugs allowing hikers to traverse demanding topography.


Fast-Paced Thru Hiking

Ounce-counting thru hikers aiming to cover 20+ miles daily over hundreds of miles along famous routes like the Appalachian Trail often choose Lowa models like the ultra-lightweight Renegade LL Mid to help them efficiently churn out high mileage.


Climbing and Mountaineering Ascents

Alpinists scaling vertigo-inducing heights rely on the snug precision fits, stiff midsoles and grippy lugs of Lowa climbing models like the high-performance Baffin to secure vital traction on glacial ice walls.


Canyoneering and Rope Access

Navigating narrow sandstone slots and technical dry waterfalls demands the close-fitting comfort, torsional stiffness and sure-footed traction of Lowa approach shoes granting canyoneers confidence edging across carved ledges.


Hitting the Hills with Hunting Outfitters

Beyond recreational hiking, field-foraging outdoorsmen also appreciate Lowa’s offerings. Upland bird and big game hunters traversing steep, uneven terrain often choose lightweight Lowa models hunting boots featuring stealthy colour palettes and insulated Gore-Tex builds keeping them moving quietly while cutting frigid winds during long days afield.


Patrolling Parks with Forest Rangers

Professionals monitoring vast wilderness preserves require durable footwear they can rely on crossing hundreds of trail miles annually through brutal conditions over uneven ground. That’s why eco-guardians like park rangers often choose sturdy Lowa hiking boots for patrolling territories on foot carrying heavy gear.


Marching Onward with Military Forces

Footwear can determine success or defeat during tactical operations. That’s why for decades European military and paramilitary units have integrated Lowa mountain tactical boots into standard issue gear. Designed for speed and stealth across extreme environments, forces rely on the quality and performance of iconic models like the Zephyr or Z-8S to protect feet during covert missions.


In over 90 years crafting outdoor footwear, Lowa’s family tradition continues advancing innovations so one more step forward connects adventurers to epic landscapes in trusted comfort and confidence. Backed by generations of precision bootmaking experience, Lowa builds iconic outdoor footwear ready to unlock your own personal adventures out on the trail less taken.


So whether you’re an avid backpacker, casual day hiker or simply value durable outdoor footwear, you can trust that Lowa crafts high-performance boots built to handle every mountain, forest, canyon and trail you set sights on. Lace up an expertly designed pair and unlock your next outdoor adventure in total comfort.

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