lowa 100 years
For 100 years LOWA have hand-crafted high-quality hiking footwear. Made in Europe and widely acclaimed as one of the most comfortable walking boots in the world. Attention to every detail in design and manufacturing has earned LOWA a reputation for building one of the world's finest well fitted and durable boots since 1923.


2023 marks a milestone in LOWA’s history as the shoemakers 100th anniversary. LOWA’s innovative designs took the 1923 sturdy leather boots with a lifetime of wear to the lightweight, high tech, all terrain footwear of today.


The wide range of footwear offers a multitude of sizes, widths, and fittings for all terrains. The guiding principle of uncompromising quality stems from the ambition to produce best in class products. Absolute precision in the development and construction are vital for secure footing and the best possible functionality in use.


LOWA see quality as a decisive and crucial part of our philosophy that safeguards the trust customers have in the performance. That's precisely why LOWA make no compromises!



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