Helly Hansen Ski Jackets

For over 140 years, Helly Hansen has been synonymous with innovative, high-performance ski wear and winter jackets. Since the brand's founding in 1877 in Moss, Norway, Helly Hansen has built a legacy of creating technologically advanced garments that equip outdoor enthusiasts to confidently take on the elements. Initially focused on workwear for fishermen and sailors exposed to harsh conditions, Helly Hansen gradually applied its expertise in protection and mobility to the world of skiing. Their breakthrough LIFA fibre technology, launched in the 1960s, revolutionised moisture management and insulation for active winter sports. Today, Helly Hansen ski wear utilises proprietary technologies like HELLY TECH® and LIFA to optimise warmth, weatherproofing and breathability on the slopes. Strategic layering systems, waterproof yet breathable membranes and durable water-repellency treatments work synergistically across their extensive ski jacket collections. From Olympic Gold medalists to weekend warriors, Helly Hansen ski jackets are trusted by winter sports athletes of all levels. Their combination of innovative engineering, rugged materials and purpose-driven designs delivers unmatched performance, comfort and protection. Helly Hansen offers ski jackets optimised for everything from big mountain freeriding to resort cruising to backcountry touring. Yet no matter the intended use, their garments remain focused on enabling wearers to find adventure in the elements while staying dry, warm and unhindered. So whether you're dropping into a pristine powder field or carving up groomers with the family, equip yourself with Helly Hansen's 140+ years of ski wear expertise. Their jackets set the standard for blending style, quality construction and authentic performance.


Helly Hansen Ski Jacket Technologies

Helly Hansen incorporates several proprietary technologies into their ski jackets that enhance performance and protection in cold, wet conditions. Understanding these technologies will help you select the right jacket for your specific needs.


HELLY TECH® Construction

HELLY TECH® is the proprietary construction system engineered by Helly Hansen to create outerwear with the optimal balance of waterproofing, breathability and warmth. This multi-layer technology is utilised across their extensive range of ski jackets to equip skiers with protection from the elements while preventing overheating. Helly Hansen ski jackets with HELLY TECH® construction are composed of three main layers that each serve a specialised function. First is the outer shell layer made from polyester or polyamide materials that have been treated with a DWR or durable water-repellent coating. This causes moisture to bead up and roll off the surface rather than soak in. However, the shell fabric remains permeable enough to allow water vapour from perspiration to pass through. Underneath the outer shell is a microporous membrane layer that is both completely windproof and waterproof while remaining breathable. This is the engine of the jacket that prevents liquid water and wind from entering while enabling water vapour to escape. Helly Hansen uses proprietary membrane technologies like Lifa Stay Dry that are engineered for optimal moisture management during aerobic winter sports. Finally, the innermost layer is a liner that provides next-to-skin comfort, moisture wicking and additional insulation. Soft, quick-drying materials like merino wool, polyester microfleece or mesh comprise the liner. The liner manages perspiration to keep skin dry and speed evaporation. By strategically combining these three layers in different configurations, Helly Hansen can create ski jackets tailored to different conditions and sport-specific needs. More advanced HELLOTEX® constructions utilise higher-quality membrane and insulation technologies for use in extreme environments. It's this multi-layer system that enables the Helly Hansen ski jacket to keep wearers warm, dry and comfortable on the slopes.


DWR (Durable Water Repellent) Treatment

DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent and it is an essential treatment used on the outer fabric of all Helly Hansen ski jackets. DWR causes moisture to “bead up” and roll off the surface of the jacket rather than soak in. This provides a critical first line of defence against wet weather. Even the most waterproof jacket shell can become saturated without DWR. The main benefit of Helly Hansen ski jackets with DWR coating is the protective chemical layer created bonded to the exterior of the jacket fabric. This repels liquid water and prevents it from penetrating the fabric, while still allowing water vapor from sweat to pass through. DWR enhances water resistance and allows a jacket to breathe properly. Helly Hansen uses advanced DWR formulas that contain no perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). Many DWR treatments rely on PFCs to repel water, but these chemicals pose environmental and health risks. Helly Hansen’s water-based DWR formulas utilise shorter-chain compounds that biodegrade quickly without persistently harming the environment. While extremely water-repellant at first, DWR treatments do wear off over time after continuous use and washing. Heat and abrasion also degrade DWR performance. Helly Hansen recommends reapplying DWR after 40-60 hours of use to restore full water beading function. DWR reapplication can be performed at home using sprays or in a professional process. Proper DWR treatment is crucial for ski jackets to repel snow, sleet and light rainfall. It causes droplets to roll off the surface and protects the jacket from becoming saturated. This allows the inner layers and membranes to continue providing insulation and breathability. While not completely waterproof on its own, DWR is the first barrier that keeps a jacket's inner technology functioning properly. Maintaining the DWR treatment through reapplication ensures a jacket can continue optimally protecting the wearer from wet winter weather.


Multi-Layer Fabric System

Helly Hansen ski jackets with multi-layer fabric systems protect a wide range of winter temperatures and conditions. While entry-level designs may only have 2 or 3 layers, advanced Helly Hansen ski jackets can have 5 or even 7 separate fabric and insulation layers engineered to work together. Each layer in the system serves a specific purpose to collectively optimise warmth, weatherproofing, breathability and comfort. The outermost layer utilises a rugged, flexible fabric treated with DWR to repel moisture. Under this is a waterproof yet breathable membrane layer to block wind and water while allowing vapour to escape. Insulation layers made from down or synthetic PrimaLoft® trap heat while wicking away perspiration. Finally, inner liners keep skin dry and comfortable. By strategically combining multiple fabric layers, Helly Hansen ski jackets can expertly regulate body temperature and moisture. The membranes allow just enough air exchange to prevent overheating and minimise condensation buildup inside the jacket. But not so much airflow that cold air can penetrate through. Premium Helly Hansen ski jackets design the layering system to match expected conditions and activities. Jackets meant for aerobic use have more breathable membranes and ventilation options. Models for frigid, icy weather incorporate more insulation layers for warmth without restricting movement. The result of this multi-layered approach is ski jackets optimised for comfort across the widest possible range of temperatures and exertion levels. By managing moisture intelligently, Helly Hansen jackets maintain interior conditions that keep skiers and riders warm without overheating, and dry without getting clammy. Maximum comfort results in maximum fun on the slopes.


Polartec® Fleece Linings

Many Helly Hansen ski jackets feature liner and insulation layers made from high-quality Polartec® fleece material. This advanced synthetic fabric provides excellent warmth for its weight along with moisture-wicking and quick-drying capabilities. It is an ideal insulation layer for active winter sports. Polartec® fleece is valued for its breathability and ability to trap body heat without overheating. Tiny air pockets within the fabric provide ample insulation to retain warmth, yet still allow water vapor from perspiration to pass through. This prevents the buildup of interior condensation that can lead to clamminess. Polartec® fleece also actively moves moisture away from the skin using capillary action and mechanical wicking. This keeps the skin dry and comfortable while preventing chilling from wet fabric. Any perspiration wicked into the fleece quickly evaporates to keep insulation levels optimal.  Helly Hansen ski jackets with membrane-layer utilise different weights of Polartec® fleece matched to the jacket’s intended conditions. Lighter, thinner fleece works well in mild temperatures by providing warmth without bulk. Heavier, thicker fleece is used in jackets meant for frigid weather, as it supplies more insulation without restricting movement. The inherent stretchiness, durability and soft hand-feel of Polartec® fleece make it an ideal liner material. It allows a full range of motion while staying resilient to pilling and wear over time. Helly Hansen often combines Polartec® fleece with other proprietary synthetic insulations like PrimaLoft® to engineer the optimal layering system. Whether used alone or as part of a multi-layer build, Polartec® fleece linings enable Helly Hansen ski jackets to keep skiers warm, dry and comfortable across a wide range of winter conditions. It’s a trusted, high-performance insulation critical to the brand’s outerwear.


Helly Hansen Ski Jacket Collections

Helly Hansen categorises their ski jackets into different collections based on features and intended use. Within each collection, there are both men's and women's jacket styles available. Understanding the unique aspects of each collection will guide you in selecting the best jacket for your needs.


Backcountry Skiing Jackets

Helly Hansen ski jackets for backcountry skiing are engineered with the ultimate in weather protection, warmth and unrestricted mobility. These technical shells are designed for ski touring, hiking, mountaineering and highly variable conditions. Utilising advanced HELLY TECH® constructions, Helly Hansen backcountry jackets deliver fully waterproof, windproof and breathable protection to keep you dry in the harshest alpine environments. Durable water repellency (DWR) treatments enhance weatherproofing while maintaining the air permeability needed for aerobic activities. Helly Hansen selects flexible face fabrics like lightweight nylon that allow your natural range of motion without impeding performance. Strategically mapped synthetic or down insulations add warmth only where needed to maintain mobility. Essential backcountry features include hoods that accommodate helmets and integrate well with neck gaiters. Generous and accessible pockets provide ample storage for gear and attachments for tools. Underarm zip vents enable quick cooling during transitions. Leading men's backcountry jacket models from Helly Hansen include the minimalist Odin Infinity Shell Jacket with Polartec Alpha insulation and the protective Voss Jacket with PrimaLoft insulation. Top women's options include the streamlined Odin Minimalist Jacket and the insulated Trollveggen Jacket. In the backcountry, weather conditions and physical exertion can change quickly. Helly Hansen backcountry ski jackets give you the perfect blend of storm protection, breathability and unrestricted mobility to take on the mountain with confidence.


Resort Skiing Jackets

Helly Hansen ski jackets for resort skiing are designed to optimise weather protection, comfort and style for hitting the groomed slopes. They blend the technical performance features needed for all-day skiing with contemporary silhouettes. Utilising HELLY TECH® waterproofing technology, Helly Hansen resort shells deliver fully seam-sealed protection from precipitation and chilled air. Strategic synthetic or down insulation placements provide warmth without restricting movement or range of motion. Streamlined silhouettes allow for easy layering of base and mid-layers. Jackets feature helmet-compatible hoods with optional faux fur trim for apres ski appeal. Cargo pockets provide convenient storage access, while inner mesh pockets safely secure electronics and goggles. Vents located under arms, along zips and at wrists enable cooling airflow when building up heat. Cuff gaiters with thumbholes seal out snow for added protection. High collars, chin guards and powder skirts lock in warmth when temperatures dip. Leading men's resort jacket options include the versatile Patrol Down Parka with 650-fill insulation and the Odin Mountain Shell designed for cloudy days. Top women's choices include the stylish Legendary Puffy Parka and tailored Odin Minimalist Jacket. Helly Hansen resort jackets allow you to ski from the first chair to last with waterproof weather protection, airflow for active comfort, and ski-oriented features. Just pair them with your favourite base layers and get ready to put in a full day on the mountain.


Freeride Skiing Jackets

Helly Hansen ski jackets for freeride skiing are engineered for unrestricted mobility and weather protection across backcountry ski touring, inbounds skiing and snowboarding. Blending lightweight yet durable fabrics, these jackets prioritise dynamic motion and breathability. Fully waterproof and seam-sealed outer shells shed precipitation without limiting the ability to move. Lightweight synthetic insulations like PrimaLoft add warmth for aerobic activities without causing overheating. Generous helmet-compatible hoods, adjustable cuffs and hems seal out the elements while allowing customisation of fit. Underarm zips and back vents enable quick cooling when working up a sweat. Stretch fabrics used in hoods, cuffs and pockets further enhance comfort and mobility. Cargo and inner stash pockets provide easy access storage for goggles, gloves and other gear needed for changing conditions. Regular or relaxed fits allow easy layering underneath when extra warmth is required. Leading Helly Hansen men's freeride jackets include the versatile Odin Mountain Infinity Shell and the relaxed Fernie Shell designed for all-mountain riding. Top women's choices are the Legendary Insulated Jacket with PrimaLoft insulation and the lightweight Fernie 2.0 Shell. Helly Hansen freeride jackets give you the weather protection and features to ski and ride aggressively while staying comfortable. They blend dynamic stretch fabrics, strategic insulation and ventilation options to enable unrestricted movement all over the mountain.


All Mountain Skiing Jackets

Helly Hansen ski jackets for all-mountain skiing deliver versatile performance across varied winter sports and activities. Designed for comfort while skiing, snowboarding, apres ski and beyond, these jackets provide well-rounded weather protection. All-mountain shells utilise Helly Hansen's waterproof, windproof and breathable technologies to protect from the elements. Strategic insulation placements add lightweight warmth without unnecessary bulk that could hinder movement. Jackets feature a tailored but not overly compressed fit to allow good mobility. Generous articulation built into sleeves, hoods and pant cuffs enables a full range of motion for active days. Helmet-compatible hoods, adjustable cuffs, hems and vents allow customisation for changing conditions and temperatures. Easy-access pockets conveniently store essentials while skiing or riding. Leading men's all-mountain choices include the modern Odin 3D Shell Jacket constructed with recycled materials and the versatile Legendary Ski Jacket. Top women's options include the streamlined Iconic Insulated Jacket and the Svalbard Insulated Jacket designed for resort and backcountry. Helly Hansen all-mountain jackets make it easy to transition between varied winter activities. Their well-balanced designs provide weather protection and mobility to keep you comfortable no matter where the day takes you - on the slopes, trails, village or apres ski lounge.

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