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If you’re boldly exploring the backcountry this winter, avalanche awareness and the correct safety equipment are lifesavers in the event of an emergency in unmarked and unpatrolled territory. Stay safer off-piste this snow season, with these five backcountry skiing and snowboarding essentials:




[1] Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Set

Your transceiver, probe and shovel are the most important rescue tools that can save lives in the event of an avalanche.


Transceivers emit a signal which can be tracked by other transceivers in search mode; probes are long and thin poles which can be pushed into the snow to assess the location of a casualty.


Time is of the essence when rescuing an avalanched casualty, so invest in a durable metal shovel with a long handle which will make digging faster and more efficient.

ABS Airbag




[2] Ortovox FreeRider 26 ABS with MASS System

Your avalanche airbag is the second most important item on the safety checklist.


When inflated during an avalanche, the casualty’s volume is increased; this helps keep them as high as possible in the snow structure through the decent and halting phase of the avalanche, thus increasing their chance of being rescued and surviving.


The Ortovox FreeRider 26 ABS includes a Modular Airbag Safety System and plenty of storage (to keep the rest of your safety equipment).





[3] Salomon Unisex Ranger 4D C. Air

Whether you’re riding the piste, park or backcountry, your helmet should accompany you on every run.


Salomon’s Unisex Ranger 4D C. Air uses a Custom Fit Air System, which allows you to inflate an internal airbag while wearing the helmet for a snug and truly personalised fit.


The head and brain are protected by an EPS 4D liner, which has a unique ‘egg box’ construction capable of absorbing more shock than any other liner technology on the market.

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[4] BCA BC Link Radio

Enhancing your communications helps maximise your safety, so always carry a multi-channel radio to keep in touch with your team.


The BC Link Radio has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which lasts up to four days in extreme cold conditions; it also features an easily-accessible Smart Mic which clips onto your shoulder strap, while the waterproof radio itself is safely stored in your pack.



[5] Lifesystems Fast and Dry Pro First Aid Kit

You or a member of your group might need first aid in the event of an avalanche or fall, so always pack a couple of kits between you for emergencies.


Lifesystems’ Fast and Dry Pro only weighs 170g and has everything you need, from bandages and safety pins to closure strips and antiseptic wipes.


It’s also worth investing in a thermal survival bag, which will help to keep casualties warm while you’re waiting for help.

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