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Arc’teryx have developed one of the year’s most exciting footwear concepts, Adaptive Fit, which utilises a separately manufactured inner liner and outer shell for superior breathability, comfort and water resistance. You can also remove the inner liner of the Acrux2 FL and use it as a camping slipper! Dave Havard from the Arc’teryx shop-in-shop at Snow+Rock Covent Garden tests them out.

The Testing Grounds

Every year students from the University of Greenwich head to Almeria in south-east Spain to look at its unique geological formations. The area is one of the warmest and driest in Europe, with average March temperatures of 15°C. The study area has uneven terrain and sink holes dotted across the landscape.

The Footwear

Arc’teryx are synonymous with innovation, whether it involves new fabrics or rethinking ideas about gear design. While some companies reject costly materials or construction techniques, I wanted to see how an unfettered piece of footwear would feel, look and perform. I also wanted to put their bold claims of higher breathability to the test.

staff review
Arc'teryx Acrux2 FL

The Performance

Putting the shoes on for the first time was an interesting experience. It’s akin to pulling on a climbing shoe – you have to pull the liner on using the loops provided, rather than slipping into them like an everyday shoe. The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Stretch inner liner feels a little too close for comfort, until you realise that it fits like a glove instead of there being excess space, like in other shoes. Once I had the footwear on for a few minutes, this new sensation was normal and really comfortable.


The reduction in weight due to the materials used was quite noticeable, while the footwear retained the feel of a true approach shoe. The torsional stability meant that I could move confidently on uneven terrain. The underfoot support reduced fatigue on the foot considerably. Gradient was never an issue. Due to the liner’s unique design there were no pressure points, so I never dreaded putting them on each day.


The Verdict

It offers everything you could possibly want in technical footwear: great support, adaptive fit, excellent breathability and, of course, comfort. I liked the Acrux2 FL so much that I’ll be buying a pair of the Bora2 Mid boots to compliment them!

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