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Eddie Thelwell, the winter sport supervisor at Snow+Rock Leeds is an avid outdoor enthusiast with a focus on travel, walking and skiing. Check out his review of the new Mammut Wall Guide approach shoes below.

Key Walking Shoe Features

  • Gore Tex waterproofing and breathability
  • Anatomical fit
  • “Gripex” super grippy rubber sole.

At a Glance

My first impression on taking these shoes out of the box is they look the business, a proper looking sole and the fine velours leather outer material combined with a grippy and indestructible looking rand. It just so happens that this shoe is perfectly shaped for my foot as you can see in the pictures. The toe box is anatomically shaped for improved control without being too narrow, I had these in my normal shoe size and didn’t feel the need for extra toe space even before breaking them in.


Lacing wise, the asymmetric configuration feels even and secure with no crease or pinch points although the heel cup is the real star of this show as it is solid. As soon as you drop into it you feel so well held with the stability you would usually only expect from a heavier shoe. I switched out Mammuts cushioned insoles for my custom made Sidas footbeds for an even more personalised fit and added arch support.


“A comfortable, robust and lightweight approach shoe with a supportive fit and a sturdy, grippy sole, what more could you possibly need.”

shoe fitting + approach shoes
supportive sole + approach shoe

How Did They Perform?

I took them for a short walk on the canal and through a forest to see how they dealt with varied conditions and was really impressed. On firm packed footpaths they absorbed impacts well, the solid looking sole is very forgiving thanks to the poro wedge.

Off the footpath they were even better, while negotiating a steep downhill slope covered in wet mud and loose foliage I was amazed at how well the tread held. Before heading back I scrambled up a rocky outcrop to test out the extra grip rubber and no surprises there, they had incredible grip and thanks to the excellent fit, also very precise.


One factor that may not be as high on everyone’s list is how easy it was to get the mud and dirt off these to make them look box fresh again. The stealth dark grey colouring with trademark Mammut flashes of red make these a stylish looking option and they are light and comfortable enough to wear all the time, and I think I might just do that.

approach shoes


The Mammut Wall Guide low GTX walking shoe is so much more than just an approach shoe. A great travel companion, they are comfy and stylish while being versatile enough for almost any surface or weather conditions with excellent breathability. Possibly not suitable for the widest of feet or squarest of toe shapes but for everyone else the fit is phenomenal with a strong and durable finish to match.

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