New Year weekend in Livingo, Italy was the perfect place for Neilson Holiday Head of Winter, Ian Davis to test out this year’s Oakley Flight Decks.


With the sun shining all week and good on piste snow Ian gives us his thoughts on the product.


Lens Quality

I had read about Prizm lens technology before but I tend to use high quality goggles that offer great optics, so I wasn’t expecting to see a great different when using the Prizm lens however, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and definition. When I used them on a sunny day there was an increase of pink and blue light which really added clarity to my vision compared to my usual goggles. 



My family and I tested these goggles, they are a super comfortable fit with a great shape that is compatible with a range of different helmets and sizes. On a minor point, I would like to have a few centimetres on the strap as I prefer to wear my goggles quiet loose around my helmet. 


Look and Feel

They look great and offer great all round vision. The wide profile of the lens and rounded shape of the goggles offers great peripheral vision, allowing you clear viewing of all that is happening around you.


Lens Changing 

They are not in the quick click and go lens change category but it was not an issue changing lenses. The lens integration system is pretty standard and a practical solution.


Price Point

The Oakley Flight Deck are at the upper end of the price range but the look and the feel of the product is well worth the extra money when compared to other goggles on the market.


Would I?

The look, feel and shape of the Oakley Flight Deck, would be enough for me to buy and recommend these goggles to my friends and family but the added benefit of the lens quality offered with the Prizm Lenses, is truly the key selling point for me, it offers superior vision and clarity. 


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