Taking care of your winter gear doesn’t stop when the snow has melted – in fact, it’s only just begun. Summer can be a tough time for your ski and snowboard setup if it’s not cared for and stored in the right way, and could leave you in for a nasty surprise when you next get out there. Here’s our expert guide to caring for your gear:

Ski Jacket

By the end of a season, your ski jacket can end up looking seriously worse for wear. You need to clean and reproof it before storage to remove any dirt which could be clogging the pores of your jacket’s waterproof outer - and avoid getting seriously soaked on your next pilgrimage to the mountains. Wash and dry your jacket thoroughly according to its care label, and then use either a wash-in or spray-on reproofer to restore its waterproof performance.


Once that’s done, store your jacket hanging up instead of folded; a jacket’s insulating performance relies on its filling, and compressing it can cause the down to clump together and lose its effectiveness. This is the same for synthetic insulated jackets, although synthetic filling isn’t as sensitive to compression so can be stored folded in a pinch.

Ski Boots

If you’ve visited our boot fitting labs (if not – where have you been?), you’ll know nothing rivals the comfort and responsiveness of a custom-made pair of ski boots. The time to protect your investment really comes when putting them away, so here’s how to store your ski boots the right way until the next time.


The first step is to remove your liners and let them dry fully away from a heat source – although we’re sure you’re doing this after every day on the slopes anyway. Check all the screws and buckles are tight, and inspect the soles for signs of wear which may need to be fixed before your next trip to maintain optimal contact between your boots and bindings. Finally, put your liners back in, buckle up your boots to retain their shape, and store them in a cool, dry place - away from anything that might eat them!

Skis and Snowboards

Your skis/board need regular TLC to stay performing at their very best. That’s where we come in. Our ski and snowboard service workshops have options to suit all equipment at every stage of the season - check out our servicing guide and recommended service schedule here.


Before you store your skis or board, we recommend combining a storage wax with a full service, to remove imperfections and sharpen the edges after a season of loyal service and prepare your pride and joy for storage. When you get them home, remove your board bindings, use a ski tie or elastic bands to hold your skis together, then store your skis or board in the back of a wardrobe or under the bed – room temperature is key to fend off rust and damp. 


Finally, when it’s time to get back out there, bring it back to us for a scrape and polish and get ready to ride good as new.