Pro snowboarder Jamie Nicholls is a two-time Olympian from Yorkshire who's competed in some of the biggest snowboard and slopstyle competitions in the world, including X-Games, Tokyo Burton Rail days and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics (where he came 6th). He's also a Snow+Rock ambassador. Here, he tells us what he's looking forward to this winter, and why he can't wait to get his hands on the new Futurelight jacket from The North Face.

Goals this season:

I definitely plan to ride as much powder as possible, but I'm more into rails and street riding at the moment.

Favourite resort?

Tough call. If I'm with friends and family it would definitely be Mayrhofen; if it's all about parks and rails then Laax.

Last run before you die?

I'd have to go heli-boarding in Alaska, I've never done it!

Favourite trick?

That's a close one between a 360 tuck knee and a switch backside 180.

Hardest trick?

The hardest trick I've ever tried to learn is a frontside 1440, it's hard to land.

Any tips?

I would always say take your time. If you don't land something straight away, don't be too bummed. Just make sure you're having fun and never give up trying.

Favourite brand?

My favourite outerwear brand is definitely The North Face. I'm really excited to try their new Futurelight range. my first impression is that it looks amazing.

What's your board?

Nitro Team 155 - I'm sponsored by them!

Your boots?

Burton Ion black.

Never leave home without?

My phone.

Best bit of advice you've been given?

My mum always says "be careful", but I'm not sure that counts as advice!