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In order to make your life as easy as possible when preparing for your latest (or even first) family ski holiday, we have asked our buyers to assemble a handy checklist to ensure your kids get the most out of their time on the snow. Nothing spoils everyone’s fun quicker than becoming wet and cold, so have a look through this list to ensure that you get everything you’ll need to keep your kids warm and happy.

Useful Tips

  • Handwarmers are tea-bag sized sachets that heat up when shaken and last for up to six hours. Keep a couple in your child’s pockets or gloves to warm their hands up - superb if they are in ski school.
  • Make sure your children drink plenty of water. Dehydration makes you feel tired, impairs muscle performance and they will ache more at the end of the day.
  • Take some snacks to keep energy levels up.
  • Take a small tube of high factor sun cream or give one to your child if they are skiing in ski school so they can re-apply it throughout the day.
  • It’s always wise to pack some spare thermals and gloves as little ones love to slide around in the snow at lunch time, getting cold and wet!

Junior Checklist


Designed to keep wind and snow out, many garments will have more insulation than adult versions, as kids lose heat more quickly. Remember you may also need a warm jacket for evenings if you buy a one-piece suit.

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Blue + Kids + Cllothing


Specially designed ski/snowboard pants help to keep little legs warm and dry.


A warm, waterproof pair of gloves or mittens is essential. As an extremity of the body, hands will get cold first. Ensure the gloves cover the wrists too, as your child will feel cold if they’re exposed. Mitts can often be warmer than gloves as fingers are less exposed, and they’re easier for smaller children to put on.

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Another vital piece of kit, even for babies that are not skiing. Goggles create a complete snow-proof seal around the eyes to protect them from ultraviolet rays and will stay securely in place during activity.


A wicking base layer worn under ski clothes will provide extra warmth and draw moisture away from the body. Thermal accessories such as glove and sock liners will give extra warmth for really cold days.

Kids + Clothing + Baselayers
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Many resorts won’t allow children on the mountain without a helmet, including all Italian resorts. Although they can be rented, you have no assurance on the fit and quality of the helmet, which could compromise safety. We strongly recommend buying a helmet and ensuring your child can fasten it correctly.


Worn over thermals, a fleece gives extra insulation under ski clothes on cold days.

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These keep feet warm and dry when playing in the snow and are ideal for wearing round the resort. All of our featured boots are warm, durable and easy to fasten.


Our socks come in a variety of fun colours and designs, and reach to the knee to keep feet warm and secure in ski or snowboard boots.

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Like adults, kids lose most heat through their heads; so keep it in with one of our hats. A warm kid is a happy kid!


The sun’s rays are more intense in the mountains and damage occurs quickly with the reflection from the snow. Always use a high factor cream (even in heavy cloud you can burn), try Aloe Up SPF 30+.

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