The snow goggle has a simple function of enhancing your vision on the slope, by protection your eyes from the wind, snow and cold, whilst compensating for lighting condition. This simple task makes the snow goggle a complex purchase but don’t worry we have pulled together and reviewed the best snow goggles from this season for you. 


Oakley Airbrake XL

The original Oakley Airbrake is renowned for its quality, technology, style and performance but this year’s new realise Oakley Airbrake XL is head and shoulders above it. As the name suggests, the goggle is a bigger version of the original Oakley Airbrake with improved performance and style.


The outrigger system found on the new Airbrake XL takes the helmet compatibility to a whole other level. The new system allows the outriggers to pop out fully when needed for a comfortable over the helmet fit, whilst keeping clean and flush to the frame when not needed.


Triple density foam design on the new Oakley Airbrake XL makes for an extremely comfortable and soft fit that help with moisture wicking, whilst still maintaining a close fit to the face.


The Switchlock technology has been carried on from the original Airbrake. The lens interchangeable system makes an on the slope lens change quick and easy. This lens system caters for the variety of Prizm lenses that are available for Oakley, meaning you can adapt and change lenses to whatever weather conditions you face.


Oakley Line Miner 

Another goggle, new to this year’s Oakley and Snow + Rock line up, is the Line Miner. This is the first cylindrical lens from Oakley, and as you would expect from Oakley, it has the best optics of any cylindrical lens on the market.


The flatter lens not only gives the Line Miner a cool, trendy, retro 80’s look, but it also allows for the goggle to sit flatter to the face. By sitting the lens flatter to the face, Oakley have been able to create a wider peripheral vision, meaning you can see more around you.


The new goggle from Oakley comes with triple density foam for extra comfort and a scratch resistant, Prizm lens to help you see better in a multitude of lighting conditions. All in all, this goggle is packed with great functionality and style making it a must have goggle for 2017.


Oakley flight deck XM

The Oakley Flight Deck XM made its debut last year as a scaled down version of the Flight Deck, Oakley’s premium frameless goggle. The goggle is super popular with women and those with smaller faces, with a great fit that was previously unavailable.


The lens is coated with Oakley’s F3 Coating, so no matter what temperature you find yourself skiing in you’ll never be caught out with steamed up lenses. The design of the frameless goggle is compatible with a wide range of helmets and has a fantastic look to them.


The lens changing system is more traditional to other Oakley goggles but are still quick and easy to do, once practiced. This goggle is tipped to be a great purchase for the ladies, especially those who are looking for something frameless that won’t take up most of their face.


Anon M3 

Another cylindrical lensed goggle to make this year’s goggle review is the Anon M3. The Merrill Pro model is a great fusion of style and functionality, that allows you to focus on your riding. These goggles are built with numerous innovative technologies that provide the next level of protection with ease and simplicity.


Built with Anon’s Magna-Tech technology, changing lenses are as easy as gripping and pulling the lens from the frame. The nine magnets found within the frame hold the lens in place and are built to withstand the harshest of uses.


A plush triple density foam is used to match the goggles quality of vision with comfort. In addition to all of these features the Anon M3 goggle has a magnetic facemask integration system (MFI), that allows the included Anon facemask to attach to the base of the goggles. The result is a protected and warm face with great vision. 


Anon WM1 

The Anon WM1 is a women’s gender specific goggle, packed with all the features and tech that has made Anon one of the best goggle manufactures on the market, yet all tweaked and redesigned to suit the needs of women.


Featuring Anon’s Magna-Tech technology, the lens is held in place with 14 magnets to ensure the lens does not pop out unexpectedly but allows for a super quick and easy, one handed lens change. This lens system is one of, if not the best on the market at the moment, that can be found across all of Anon’s top models.


The WM1 combines a spherical lens with a 40% thinner, triple density foam to give you an amazing peripheral vision. Although the foam is 40% thinner, it is still super comfortable and is backed with a moisture wicking fleece that sits on the face to help reduce fogging caused by perspiration.


Bolle Gravity

For some, changing lenses or carrying multiple goggles on holiday is hassle that they just do not want to do. Bolle recognised the need for an all in one product and developed the Bolle Gravity Goggle with a light adjusting modulator lens.


Bolle have used a state of the art, high contrast, light reactive lens that changes the lens tint density according to the light conditions, the more UV light the lens is exposed to, the darker the lens will become.


The frame itself, has a great look to it, at a quick glance it could be mistaken for the classic Crowbar goggle. The Bolle Gravity has a great helmet interface that works with a broad range of different manufacture. The goggle also features Bolle’s Airflow system that promotes directional airflow across the inside surface of the lens to reduce the potential of fog. The goggle is finished off with triple density, micro fleece foam for extra comfort.  


Smith I/OS 

The Smith revolutionised the goggle world when they brought out the rimless, quick lens changing I/O goggle. The I/OS goggle is the smaller version of the I/O, that suitable for females and those with a smaller face. With Smith combining all of their best optical technology and features into this goggle, it is no surprise that it has made our list.


The I/OS goggle has a spherical Carbonic-X lens with Tapered Lens Technology that straightens refracted light, causeing less visual distortion and fatigue on your eyes. The lens also benefits from the 5 X Anti-Fog technology, that prevents the lens fogging up in challenging conditions. The goggle anti-fog technology is supported by the patented Vaporator Lens Technology, that allows air molecules to pass through tidy filter found on the lens. By utilising this filter, the thermal lens is allowed to adjust to varying altitude while preventing moisture from entering the space between the lenses.