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Breathability, durability and freedom of movement are key when you’re in search of that perfect powder. The Kjus FRX range has been developed specifically to meet the demands of the most extreme backcountry skier, introducing pioneering fabrics that take advanced flexibility, abrasion resistance and temperature regulation to a whole new level.

KJUS - FRX - FW14/15

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White Dragon  has been developed in partnership with innovative Japanese fabric specialist Toray and is exclusive to the Kjus FRX range. Working in conjunction with a Dermizax NX membrane, the fabric offers incredible levels of durability, breathability (a mighty 42,900g/m2/ 24h) and waterproof protection without compromising on comfort. Two-way stretch allows a natural range of motion and an internal knit fabric efficiently wicks moisture away from the skin while retaining more air than a woven fabric for added warmth.

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The Dermizax NX Membrane is built for high exertion activity and is ideal if you prioritise comfort and breathability above all else. It has twice the wicking ability of most traditional membranes, provides a fantastic range of motion and waterproofing that you can rely on for maximum protection during demanding activities  in tough conditions.

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The inspiration for the AC-Vent system came from the simple action of rolling up your sleeves when you get hot. It’s a well known fact that if you begin to overheat, exposing your forearms or running cool water over your wrists will help to cool you down, this is because your wrists contain pulse points where the blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin. Cooling this area helps to cool the blood, which in turn, brings down your body temperature. The AC-Vent system incorporates zipped forearm vents, which allow you to channel cool air through the jacket, helping you to regulate your core temperature when you’re working hard

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Fieldsensor is a highly breathable, wind resistant, knit fabric with fantastic moisture management properties. It draws perspiration away from the skin and transfers it to the outer surface of the garment where it disperses and quickly dries leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. The fabric dries quicker than standard polyester fleece and its knit construction offers greater thermal protection, trapping warm air to help retain body heat.


Using sophisticated radar technology, the Recco reflector forms the passive element of a 2-part avalanche search system. Ski resorts and mountain rescue teams carry Recco detectors, which send out a search signal; the Recco reflector bounces back a directional signal that directs the rescuer towards it. More than 600 resorts and rescue services around the world use the Recco Rescue System as part of their immediate response, it is not however, a substitute for an avalanche transceiver.