If you’re heading to the mountains on a family adventure, make sure your children are kitted out with everything they need to make magical winter memories; here are 5 Kids Ski Essentials that you shouldn’t leave home without.

1. Protection

Many resorts won’t allow children on the mountain without a helmet. Although you can rent them, you can’t guarantee the fit and quality. We strongly recommend that you buy a helmet and make sure that your child can fasten it correctly.


2. Cosy Toes

Snow boots keep feet warm and dry when playing in the snow and are ideal for wearing around the resort. Combine them with our knee-length socks, which are available in a range of fun colours and designs.

Warm + Cosy Toes + Kids

3. Hats and Gloves

We all understand the importance of hats and gloves when it comes to keeping children warm in the snow. When choosing gloves, make sure that they cover the wrists, as exposure to cold air can cause a drop in body temperature. If you’re buying for smaller children, mitts are a great idea; they can offer extra warmth and are easier to put on.

Warm + Pom Pom

4. Eyewear and Sun Protection

Even wrapped up in their gear you will need to protect your kids skin with high SPF creams. Creams containing a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB are essential, and water resistant creams are recommended on the slopes, for the best protection with their active lifestyles. 


Protection of their eyes are also a must, with many guaranteeing 100% UVA and UVB protection against harmful light, most reducing the glare of the bright slopes. With a variety of styles available you are sure to find one for your child they will actually want to wear!

Protection + Eyewear

5. Clever Clothing

The right combination of clothing will ensure that your child is warm, comfortable and happy. Start with a set of wicking base layers; they will provide extra warmth and help to move moisture away from the skin. Team them up with a comfortable fleece and an insulated waterproof jacket and pant with lots of pockets to house those essential items.

Winter Clothing