Kids Skis + tecnica


Height and weight are both important in choosing the correct size skis for kids, but as a general rule, kid’s skis should hit somewhere between their chin and forehead, but like adult skis, the most suitable length depends on a few other factors.  

Our stores have a wide range of kid’s ski equipment so if in doubt, visit us in store and get expert advice from our knowledgeable staff. 

Finding the Correct Size Skis...

Using the chart below:  

  1. Measure your child’s height and weight. 
  2. Look at their height on the chart below. 
  3. If they fall between two heights listed, look at their weight. If they are light for their height they’ll ski better with a shorter ski, if they are heavy for their height go for longer skis.  
  4. Look towards the ski length column for the ideal ski length.

This is only a rough guide and where possible, speak to an expert if you’re not sure as there could be beneficial reasons to size up or down. 

Sizing Down Kids' Skis

  • They are light for their height
  • They are a beginner or cautious

Sizing up Kids' Skis

  • They are heavy for their height
  • They like to ski fast, racing or on steeper terrain