Ski + Snow

Introducing Phil Gordon, Snow + Rock Ski Buyer:

Phil began his skiing career in Canada at the age of 13. He began working as an instructor at the age of 17 and spent his time moving between his home turf and the resort of Whistler. Having honed his skills on the icy slopes of Ontario, Phil can turn his hand to pretty much any type of terrain and loves the challenge of making great turns in whatever snow conditions present themselves.


We asked Phil to pick out some of this season’s most stylish skis, which deliver looks and performance in equal measure.

Recommend + Performance

For the Ladies:



The Atomic Cloud 9 is one of the world’s best selling piste skis with good reason. It’s been specifically designed for women; it gives you fantastic grip and has a unique V-shape body that makes it easy to control whether you’re trying to perfect your parallel turns or carving with confidence. If this isn’t enough it looks fantastic with a sleek, embossed top sheet that gives you a bit of understated sparkle.



This piste ski is aimed at very good female skiers who love speed. The key lies in its GRAPHENE core, which gives you incredible balance and control while keeping weight to a minimum. GRAPHENE is a 2-dimensional crystal that boasts a staggering range of properties. It is the lightest element to have been discovered by man and despite being incredibly thin, it is the strongest material on earth. Combine it with women’s specific shaping and the perfect amount of rocker for easy turn initiation and this stylish ski really lives up to its name.




The Women’s Pulse Loop 75 is a thing of beauty. Price-wise it comes in at the higher end of the spectrum, but it’s definitely worth it if you value quality, aesthetics and performance in equal measure. Each pair of Volant skis is painstakingly handcrafted and finished with a stainless steel top sheet that provides a unique and effortless ski experience that will inspire confidence throughout your progression.



The Chiara is built to help good skiers progress all the way up to expert level. It’s lightweight and easy to turn at any speed, but the big bonus comes with its Bio-Logic construction. The stance, geometry and flex have been specifically tailored for women; it adjusts your position to reduce strain on the legs and knee joint, resulting in a comfortable ski experience that allows you to enjoy yourself for longer before fatigue sets in.


Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to ski on; the Temptation 80 really raises the bar when it comes to all-mountain performance. It grips groomed runs and hard packed snow like a piste ski, but thanks to advanced rocker shaping and Rossignol’s award winning AirTip technology, it easily floats through softer snow, placing the power and control firmly beneath your feet so you can explore a variety of terrain with confidence.


If you like nothing more than exploring off piste then the Kenja is for you. This ski looks great and can munch through pretty much anything you encounter on the mountain, while still managing to provide an enjoyable ride on the piste. At 87mm underfoot, the Kenja is nimble and easy to manoeuvre, giving great grip and stability in a variety of conditions thanks to vertical side walls, a multi-layer wood core and an additional layer of titanium for added strength.

For the Guys:


This burly all-mountain ski is all about power and control. With a full wood core, two and a half sheets of titanium and vertical sidewalls, it grips, carves and accelerates with the conviction of a carving ski, yet attacks bumps and softer snow with the pop and playfulness of a freeride ski. The ski’s unique playfulness is the result of Blizzard’s Flip Core Technology, a new approach to the use of rocker. Rather than using  the  traditional method of forcing the rocker shape into the ski, Blizzard have incorporated it from the moment the ski is pressed, meaning no broken wood, less stress on the core , greater performance and an enjoyable, fun-packed ride.



Volant pride themselves on the quality of their craftsmanship, using the best materials and innovative designs to produce outstanding, high performance products. Produced in limited numbers and crafted by hand, the pure black is a  ski that will proved an incredible ski experience throughout your progression. Part of the brand’s all-mountain range, the Pure Black has a lightweight, yet highly durable poplar core, which works in harmony with carbon fibre inserts to provide a smooth and stable ride whether you’re hitting high speeds or travelling over rough terrain. Add to that Volant’s signature steel top sheet and you get incredible response and an effortless ride that is definitely worth the investment.


If you want a silky smooth ride that inspires confidence, then check out the V-Werks RTM fromVolkl. The brand believes that weight is the key to performance and have taken every measure to eliminate any unnecessary grams, from the tough, multilayer wood core to the carbon construction. ELP Full Rocker makes turn initiation and manoeuvring in soft snow a cinch, titanium gives you power at speed and XTD Transmission Sidewalls give you the grip and stability for fantastic carving performance. What more could you want?



The name ‘Bentley’ conjures up thoughts of luxury, quality, exclusivity and performance and that’s exactly what you can expect from Zai’s Bentley ski. This is a ski to aspire to; it represents the highest level of craftsmanship and is designed to entice you with sleek aesthetics and progressive technology that  guarantees a ride like velvet. Zai take a unique approach to ski production, hand making each pair from the finest materials to achieve the perfect balance of weight, geometry and construction. At an average production rate of five pairs per day, Zai skis are highly exclusive and the Bentley is part of a limited edition that numbers only 250 pairs worldwide.




The Supernatural is a real chameleon, equipped with a host of features that allows it to adapt to almost any scenario, giving you float, grip and a smooth, vibrationless ride that will help you to conquer the mountain. The rocker in the tip and tail starts earlier than with many freeride skis, giving great float and effortless turn initiation in the powder. At 108 under foot, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you may lose some performance on groomed runs, but the 5-Cut sidecut allows the ski to perform all kinds of turns and and a longer Active Edge gives you better grip, even on corduroy!




This ski was a real favourite amongst out testers, delivering smile inducing performance and great value for money. At 98cm underfoot it’s astonishingly versatile, thanks to a combination of Rossignol’s progressive 5 point shaping, full side walls and Air Tip technology. Solid edge hold, smooth float in the powder, effortless manoeuvrability and chatter-free performance at speed makes the Sin 7 a joy to ski, opening the up the backcountry to aspiring powder hounds, without closing off the piste.