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If you love nothing more than skiing groomed runs and working your way around the piste map, then the right pair of piste skis will help you to make the most of every turn. Here are 10 Great Piste skis that are gracing the slopes this season.

1. Scott Black Majic

The Black Majic follows on from the success of last year’s ‘The Ski’, bringing you fantastic on-piste performance and enough versatility to handle a bounce through the bumps. It’s designed for easy turn initiation, greater stability, power and precision with a unique shape and construction that keeps the weight down without compromise.

2. Rossignol Hero Master

The Hero Master is a super-charged race machine aimed at expert skiers with a need for speed. Keeping in line with FIS regulations it delivers everything that you want from a race ski; grip, power, precision and acceleration, with just the right amount of tip rocker to make turn initiation easier and provide more control at speed.

Piste + Ski
Piste + Ski

3. Salomon X-PRO Ti

The X-Pro Ti offers one of the smoothest rides on the mountain whether you’re intermediate working on improving your edge control or an advanced skier who loves to carve at speed. The ski actively works to absorb shock and dampen vibration, while its unique Carve Rocker provides easier turn initiation, allowing you can ski faster and longer with less effort.

4. Head I Supershape Magnum

The Magnum is a race inspired piste ski that is built for speed, giving you plenty of grip and a boost of acceleration as you come out of your turn. A hint of rocker in the tip means easy turn initiation and enough rise to cope with softer snow, while full edge contact allows you to enjoy fantastic grip for great control on hard-pack.

Piste + Ski
Piste + Ski

5. Volkl Code Speedwall S UVO

This advanced to expert ski is built for speed, with power, control and precision at the heart of its construction. Its multi-wood core provides a sporty, responsive feel, excellent power transfer and the perfect amount of stability and support, while the free floating 360˚ UVO (ultimate vibration objects) helps to minimise vibration from all angles for a super-smooth ride that you’re going to love.

6. K2 Potion 74 XTI

This is a great choice for women looking for speed and control on the piste. A bit of rocker in the tip makes for quick, effortless edge-to-edge, while the ski’s unique Metal laminate and Hybritech sidewall ensure great grip and stability. Vibration is kept to a minimum thanks to MOD technology and K2’s women’s specific Bioflex 3 core means that you enjoy smooth turns without having to put in any more effort than is necessary.

Piste + Ski
Piste + Ski

7. Head Absolut Joy

This stylish piste ski really lives up to its name! Aimed at good female skiers who love speed, its women’s specific shaping, easy turn initiation and Graphene core, give you incredible balance and control while keeping weight to a minimum. Graphene is a 2-dimensional crystal that boasts a staggering range of properties. It is extremely light and strong; despite being wafer thin, making it incredibly responsive without losing out on stiffness.

8. Volkl Aurena

The Aurena is a real confidence builder and ideal for the intermediate female skiers who want to develop their skiing and push themselves further. It’s easy to turn at slower speeds yet offers the stability and edge-hold that you need to feel in total control when you’re ready to pick up the pace.

Piste + Ski
Piste + Ski

9. Atomic Cloud 11

If you’re looking for a stylish piste ski that will see you carving beautifully down groomed runs then the Cloud 11 is for you. As well as being aesthetically beautiful and shaped specifically for the female skier, it benefits from the brand’s Arc technology, which sees the binding attached at a central point, allowing maximum flex which in return, delivers fantastic response with minimal effort.

10. Rossignol Unique 6

The Rossignol Women’s Unique 6 is new for this season and exclusive to Snow+Rock in the UK. It’s ideal for the accomplished female skier who is ready to progress and designed to build confidence. Every aspect of the design has been engineered by the brand’s all-female team of designers to give you great on-piste performance, from the super-light core to the hint of tip rocker that makes turn initiation a dream.

Piste + Ski
Piste + Ski