Navigate the resort and town safely and confidently with our range of ice grips. Featuring a number of size options to fit varying shoe and boot sizes, our ice grips are a simple, yet effective way to get around the resort safely.

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Slips and falls can happen at any time, especially on a ski resort. Often the slipperiest conditions occur when you’d least expect it in periods with minimal fresh snow. At Snow + Rock, our range of ice grips utilise a range of different fitment methods including both stretch elastic mounts and Velcro fastening straps to ensure that no matter the shoe or boot they are being attached to, that you stay comfortable without any wear and tear occurring to your shoes at the same time.


Perfect for those early morning strolls before you get out on the slopes, ice grips work by focusing your weight and distributing it over extremely specific areas which is enough to puncture the upper layer of ice to provide a stable base of grip. Utilising recycled materials and easy installation options, we hand-pick our selection of ice grips to ensure that you feel confident and most importantly safe on your holidays.