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Stay supported and secure with our full range of braces, including knee, ankle and back supports, we have the right product to help maintain your confidence while you’re out on the snow.  At Snow + Rock, we understand that recovering from or dealing with an injury can be an extremely difficult process and one of the most difficult steps in getting back out on the snow is having the confidence in your body to fully enjoy your experience. We stock a wide range of supports and braces with varying degrees and styles of support for your needs.
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Get the confidence to get your riding back where you want it to be. With a number of slim-line options that will fit under most snowboard pants, at Snow + Rock we offer both compression and hinged brace options depending on your specific bio-mechanical needs. Our range includes a wide array of braces to help your body out, whether they be knees, ankles, back, wrists or even calf braces we know that every injury is different and so is every recovery.


We strongly recommend seeking professional medical advice on what brace will work best for your specific recovery needs to prevent further injury or setback in your recovery.