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Buff is a popular brand of multifunctional headwear and accessories designed for outdoor sports, travel, and everyday use. The versatile Buff can be worn in over 20 different ways - as a neck warmer, face mask, balaclava, headband, wristband, and more.




Buff headwear originated in Spain in 1991 when keen athlete Joan Rojas was dissatisfied with having to wear several headbands and scarves to protect his neck in the cold weather while mountain biking, hiking, and skiing. Seeking a simple, single solution, he worked with a seamstress to design a multifunctional neck gaiter tube made from stretchy, breathable fabric. After extensive testing and design refinements, Rojas launched the first Buff headwear products to the Spanish market under the brand name “Buff” in 1992.


Early Growth


The versatility and comfort of Buff's seamless, lightweight fabric tube construction quickly caught on among Spanish outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. Expanding beyond the founder's garage operations, Buff opened their first factory and headquarters in Igualada, Spain in 1994 to meet growing domestic demand. They simultaneously worked to distribute Buff internationally in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas via sports specialty stores and sporting goods chains like REI. By the late 1990s, Buff headwear was sold in over 40 countries, sported by mountain climbers, runners, snowboarders, and motorcyclists around the world.


Product Innovation


Leveraging textile technology innovations, Buff continued improving and diversifying its product line over the years:


  • 1995 - introduced fleece Buffs for cold weather wear
  • Early 2000s - added UV sun protective and moisture wicking fabrics
  • 2006 – released the Polar Buff with temperature regulating Polartec fleece
  • 2011 – launched the Coolnet UV+ mesh-like performance fabric
  • 2016 - introduced the first Reflective Buff for high visibility


To complement their iconic headwear, Buff also brought to market related glove, mitten and scarf accessories.


Recent Developments


From its origins in the founder's Spanish garage, Buff has grown into an internationally recognised performance brand for head and neck protection. Buff now sells over 30 million multifunctional headwear units across 70+ countries annually. With over 300 employee worldwide, global distribution centres in Europe, Asia and North America, and sales reps stationed globally, the Buff brand continues to maintain steady growth.


Buff headwear now offers over 27 fabrics to meet needs ranging from warm Polarfleece to cooling UV fabrics. They also lead sustainability initiatives in the outdoor industry – manufacturing many styles from recycled plastics and establishing programs that plant trees equal to Buff sales volumes.


Dedicated to athletic passion and innovation, Buff looks forward to their next 30 years enabling outdoor adventurers, runners, skiers and travellers alike to comfortably venture places near and far while protected by their quality headwear products.


Buff Headwear


Buff headwear comes in several styles to meet different needs. Key types of Buff headwear include:


Buff Multifunctional Headwear - The original Buff is a seamless, stretchy tube of breathable fabric that can be configured into headbands, bandanas, neck gaiters, face masks, and balaclavas. Made from comfortable microfiber, it provides lightweight protection from sun, wind, or cold.


Buff Neck Warmers - Neck warmers are a popular way to wear the classic Buff. Wrapped around the neck, they provide extra warmth and protection without bulk or restriction of movement. Great for outdoor activities in cool weather.


Buff Balaclavas - A balaclava buff covers the head, neck, and lower face with only the eyes exposed. It offers greater coverage for cold windy conditions while skiing, snowboarding, or mountaineering. Balaclava buffs are often made from fleece or Polartec for extra warmth and wicking performance.


Buff Ski Hats - Ski hats from Buff have the seamless tube construction but with a closed top for head warmth while allowing the bottom edge to be worn as a neck gaiter. Made from lightweight, breathable fabrics.


Buff Helmet Liners - To wear under helmets, Buff makes thin cap style liners from moisture-wicking and anti-odour polygiene fabrics. The fit is sleek and comfortable enough for all day wear.


Buff Face Masks - Face mask Buffs shield the lower face from wind, sun, dust, or cold while allowing easy breathing. Many styles feature Polygiene odour control and can filter pollutants.


Buff Headbands - As a versatile headband, the Buff absorbs sweat to keep it from eyes while locking in body heat. Great for running, yoga, hiking, or everyday wear.


Key Buff Headwear Fabrics


From lightweight polyesters to heavyweight fleece, Buff selects innovative fabrics to deliver comfort, protection, and performance.


Buff Fleece Hats - Warm, thick fleece options available for cold weather activities. Two of Buff's fleece fabric technologies include:


Windproof Fleece - 100% polyester microfleece with a windproof membrane to block wind chills while trapping heat.

Polar Fleece - Soft, insulating pile fleece made from recycled plastic bottles to provide eco-friendly warmth.

Buff Polar Hats - Hats utilising Polartec high-performance fleece fabric which features a napped inner lining to trap heat while wicking moisture. Key technologies include:

Polartec Classic 100 - Versatile micro-fleece fabric that's warm, breathable, and fast-drying.

Polartec Wind Pro - Wind-resistant fleece fabric that blocks wind while allowing some airflow to prevent overheating.

Buff Lightweight Headwear - Many Buff styles crafted from lightweight, breathable fabrics such as:

CoolNet UV+ - Mesh-like polyester fabric with 50+ UV protection factors and excellent moisture wicking. Keeps wearer cool and protected.

ThermoNet - Polyester microfiber designed to provide warmth in cold weather while venting excess heat and sweat vapor.

Recycled REPREVE OurEarth - Made from recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly dyes while delivering moisture control.

Buff UV Protection - Most Buff headwear provides protection from the sun's harmful UV rays including:

50+ UPF Rating - Over 98% of UVB and UVA rays blocked.

REPREVE Recycled Polyester - Eco-friendly fabric made from used plastic bottles.

Vitamin D Textile - Allows passage of vitamin D-producing UVB rays (10-15% transmittance) while screening UVA rays.


Buff Cold Weather Headwear


Many Buff products are designed for protection and insulation in cold winter temperatures.


Key Features:


Windproof Fleece/Neoprene - Barrier layers block icy winds from penetrating and robbing body heat.

Thermal Insulation - Lofted fabrics trap warm air close to skin for maintenance of core temperature.

Moisture Wicking - Fabric liner moves sweat away from skin to prevent chilling.

Neck Coverage - Full coverage over neck/face protects from frostbite.


Some top cold weather Buff styles include Windproof Balaclava, Polar Reversible Hat, and Fleece Neckwarmer.


Buff Moisture Wicking Headwear


By whisking moisture away from skin, Buff moisture wicking headwear keeps athletes comfy and focused on performance during sweat inducing sports.


Benefits of Moisture Wicking Buffs:


Keep Skin Dry - Fabrics diffuse sweat outward where it evaporates faster for a dry feel.

Increase Evaporative Cooling - Moisture transfer augments natural evaporative cooling effect for lower skin temperature.

Reduce Chafing & Rashes - Less damp skin means less rubbing discomfort and irritation.

Resist Odour - Special Polygiene technology stops bacterial growth and sweat stench.


Great Moisture Wicking Buff Styles:


Running Headband, Multifunctional Neck Gaiter, Helmet Liner Cap.


Buff Reflective Headwear


Nighttime visibility gets a boost with reflective elements woven into select Buff headwear styles. Tiny glass beads or industrial strength 3M Scotchlite strips reflect bright light back towards vehicle headlights, flashlights, and other light sources.


Benefits of Reflective Buff Headwear:


  • Increase Night Safety - High visibility gear keeps wearers obvious in low light. Essential during early morning/late night workouts.
  • Complies with EN Standards - Meets European standards for highway construction worker safety apparel.
  • Provides 360° Visibility - Reflective threads woven around entire item for visibility from all angles.
  • Reflective Neckwarmer, High Visibility Multifunctional Headwear, Running Headband.


Buff Gloves, Mittens and Scarves


Buff offers a variety of gloves, mittens, and scarves to keep hands and necks warm in cold weather.


Buff Gloves


Buff gloves are designed for light insulation during active cold weather pursuits like running, biking, and hiking where finger dexterity is still needed. Different Buff glove models include:


Lightweight Running Gloves - Thin polyester gloves with breathable anti-odour fabrics provide warmth for runners. Silicone at fingers and palms aid grip.

All Weather Cycling Gloves - Short finger biking gloves made from QuickDry polyester with extra silicone grip pads for bike handling and touchscreen fingertips.

Active Extreme Gloves - Softshell fabric gloves insulate hands while stretch liners ensure close fit for climbing, mountaineering and other aerobic winter activities.


Buff Mittens


For more insulation in frigid temperatures, Buff makes fully covered mittens to protect hands and fingers:


Expedition Midweight Mittens - Warm, wind and moisture resistant mittens featuring fold back flap over mitten tips so fingers can emerge for temporary tasks.

Heavyweight Fleece Mittens - Thick Polartec high pile fleece lined with Gore Windstopper membranes offer superior insulation from winter extremes during activities like snowshoeing or sledding.

Ski Mountaineering Mittens - Technical mittens designed specifically for using ski poles, climbing skins, and rope work while ski touring. Made with flexible softshell, goatskin leather reinforcements, and guide strap.


Buff Neck Scarves


Wrapping a Buff scarf around the neck boosts warmth and fends off winds. Popular styles include:


Recycled Wool Cashmere Blend - Fingering weight scarf woven from recycled wool and cashmere yarns leftover from apparel factories. Provides luxuriously soft insulation.

Neckwarmer Fleece Half Scarf - Polartec fleece buff neckwarmer folds up for double layer neck insulation and wind resistance.


Buff styles


Skiing and Snowsports


Buff products excel at protecting skin from the cold, wind, and snow during winter pursuits like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and mountaineering.


Popular Buff Styles for Skiing & Snowboarding:


  • Balaclavas or ski hats in windproof or Polartec fleece provide insulation under helmets while covering neck and face.
  • Neck gaiters made of ThermoNet or Polartec fabrics shield from icy winds across chin, cheeks, and neck.
  • Helmet liners worn under ski or snowboard helmets add an extra layer of warmth while wicking moisture.
  • Face masks in windproof materials give nose and cheek protection without fogging eyewear.


Benefits for Skiers & Snowboarders:


  • Maintains warmth by trapping body heat and blocking wind.
  • Wicks moisture to keep dry and prevent chills.
  • Seamless construction prevents skin chafing from buffs.
  • Provides UV protection at high altitudes.


Running & Endurance Sports


Ultra-lightweight, breathable Buffs that wick perspiration are valued for running, hiking, cycling, and fitness training.


Great Buff Styles Runners & Athletes:


  • Coolnet UV+ Multifunctional Headwear, Headbands, ViskoTech Visor
  • Moisture-wicking Helmet Liners and Neck Gaiters
  • Reflective headwear and armbands for visibility


Benefits for Runners & Athletes:


  • Lightweight fabric won't weigh down performance.
  • Sweat-wicking technology keeps skin dry and comfortable.
  • Provides important sun protection during long workouts.
  • Reflective details improve safety when running near roads.


Outdoor Adventures & Multi-Sport Travel


From mountain trekking to global backpacking, Buff headwear stands up to rigorous use on adventures near and far thanks to durable fabrics.


Best Buffs for Adventure Travel & Exploration:


  • Original Multifunctional Headwear used as bandanas, face masks, neck gaiters
  • Fleece neck warmers and balaclavas for cold climates
  • Insect Shield products protect from mosquitoes and ticks
  • CoolNet mesh hats reflect heat during desert hikes


Benefits for Adventurers & Travellers:


  • Packable design takes up little room in bags or packs.
  • Odour resistant materials stay fresher longer.
  • Versatile ways to wear meet shifting needs.
  • Durable construction withstands rigorous use.




From multifunctional tubes to insulated ski hats, Buff provides versatile, comfortable headwear and accessories to meet a wide range of consumer needs. Their innovative fabrics, performance technologies, and fashionable styling make Buff a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts as well as everyday wearers. Designed to handle sweat, wind, sun, or cold; Buff has you covered.

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