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The Responsible Company

Patagonia is in business to save our home planet

During its last 50 years in business, Patagonia has sought to challenge the accepted model of capitalism by demonstrating that doing the right thing for people and planet makes for good and profitable business. Today Patagonia’s commitment to our home planet holds strong, as it seeks to pioneer solutions to the footprint of the apparel industry, and advocate for the role of business in holding governments to account in this time of environmental crisis.


By working in partnership with Bureo and indigenous fishing communities, Patagonia have integrated one of the most harmful forms of plastic pollution – discarded fishing nets - into their clothing. Explore now


Repair and Care

The clothing industry is responsible for 10% of global emissions. Learn how to keep your kit in play for longer with this handy DIY repair and care guide. Find out more

Patagonia’s Journey To PFC-Free

Learn exactly what PFCs are, why removing them is such an important goal and how Patagonia are making the world a better place, one adventure at a time. Read more


Founded in 1973 by climber Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia has always sought to protect our wild playgrounds whilst responsibly building the clothing and equipment to enjoy them with a minimal footprint. Still owned today by Yvon, Patagonia continues to experiment by building innovative products, searching for solutions to the apparel industry’s footprint, and supporting grassroots environmentalism. Read more


1% for the planet


Since 1985 Patagonia has donated over $145m to grassroots environmental activism through its commitment to 1% for the Planet.
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Patagonia Action Works


A digital platform that enables citizens to connect with local grassroots groups working on solutions to the climate crisis.
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Fair Trade Certification


Fair Trade Certification ensures that garment workers are treated fairly and receive a premium for their labour.
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