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Oakley is probably the most popular sports eyewear brand in the world. With a range of different innovative products, stretching over a variety of different sports, Oakley have built themselves into the leading of sports eyewear brand.


It was 1975 when this world renowned brand began its journey. With a $300 investment and the use of Oakley’s founder, Jim Jannard’s garage, Oakley’s first product, a pair of motorcycle grips was created. It was not until 1980 when Oakley first introduced eyewear into their collection with the O Frame goggle. This move into eyewear quickly grew Oakley’s reputation and in 1983 the company started designing ski goggles and sunglasses.


Today Oakley provides an unrivalled performance and technology that has resulted in some of the best engineer sunglasses and goggles. Oakley has gone far beyond innovation and currently holds over 600 patents for their designs, technologies and materials. Tested under extreme circumstances, Oakley guarantees uncompromising protection, making sure your eyes are safe from what you can and cannot see.




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