Icebreaker at Snow and Rock Icebreaker at Snow and Rock

Founded in New Zealand in 1995 by Jeremy Moon, following a chance meeting with a Merino sheep farmer, Icebreaker was created to provide natural and technical outdoor products as an alternative to synthetic clothing. Snow+Rock were the first to bring Icebreaker to the UK and we stock the largest range of Icebreaker baselayers in the country.

Why Icebreaker Merino

What is Icebreaker merino?

Merino wool comes off the back of one of the world's toughest animals - The Merino sheep, which thrives in New Zealand's high country. These extraordinary animals grow fleece that is luxuriously soft, yet strong enough to cope with anything nature throws at it.

what is merino?

Why wear Icebreaker merino?

New Zealand produces the longest, strongest and whitest Merino wool in the world. This free-range fibre doesn't itch like traditional wool, isn't clammy like synthetics, and isn't stinky like cotton. What's not to love?

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How does Icebreaker merino perform?

Lightweight Merino buffers your body against extremes of heat and cold, breathes to prevent clamminess, resists odour for week, and protects against sun and fire. That's because it was road-tested in the mountains, rather than made in a lab.

how does merino perform?

Why layer merino?

Merino sheep have a light, fine, ultra-breathable coat that keeps them cool in the scorching summer heat of New Zealand's Southern Alps. When winter sets in, they grow an extra layer of wool over their base coat so they can roam through fields of ice and snow in warmth and comfort.

why layer?