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Your ski boots are one of the most important pieces of kit that you’ll buy and will have a direct impact on your performance and your enjoyment of your ski trip.

Expert Advice

James Maltby – Snow+Rock Boot Specialist



There’s nothing worse than hitting the slopes only to find that the boots that felt so comfortable in the shop have now started to make your feet ache or your toes go numb. It’s essential that you get properly fitted before you go abroad, it will ensure your comfort and can prevent you from wasting valuable holiday time getting adjustments made.



Past + The Begining


Snow+Rock was built on boot fitting. We started out as a ski boot specialist on Kensington High Street and with thirty years of expertise behind us, we know a thing or two when it comes to getting the perfect fit.



Any ski boot is customisable and we will never encourage you to buy a new pair of boots if it isn’t necessary; if you’re experiencing discomfort, for whatever reason, our expert fitters can help identify the problem areas and in most cases, provide solutions to ensure a comfortable fit.




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