Having spent over 27 years fitting ski boots and dealing with our share of challenges along the way we decided to get some honest feedback about the quality of our work...


Warren Smith's ski academy has seen over 10,000 skiers over the last 5 years, many of which had bought their boots from Snow and Rock. Feedback from the Academy's team of ski coaches showed that there have been a few customers that had boot issues, but the two most common problems are caused by the individual's biomechanics rather than the fit of the ski boot.


The first issue was identified as a lack of flexibility in the skier's ankles. The cause being tight calf muscles, stiff ankles and maybe ski boots that are too stiff. The second issue relates to the canting adjustment of boots. The feedback from the ski coaches showed that skiers have little awareness of the lateral control muscles in their legs and often used the canting adjuster on their boots to try to correct their skiing posture. The results usually mean that skiers had their boots badly set up, making symmetry in their skiing almost impossible to achieve.


As a result of this feedback we have added some of the findings to our boot fitters training sessions to raise their awareness of what happens once our customers get onto the snow, and to try to help people get the right boot fit. If any of these issues sound familiar check out the Ski Biomechanics & Physiology pages on the Warren Smith Ski Academy website, or have a chat with one of our boot fitters the next time you're in store.