It’s that magical time of year; the jingle bells are jingling; Christmas is on its way. To help make your Christmas shopping as quick and easy as possible, we have created a list of Christmas gifts for climbers. So whether you are after a stocking filler or something for under the Christmas tree, we have some fantastic gifts for you to look at.  


The first gift on our list is a tricky gift to get someone, it is important that a harness fit well, so it is both comfortable and safe, we recommend that you get them to try them on beforehand to make sure it is the right size for them.


The way a harness is designed to fit and function is dictated by the manufacturer, but essentially, all harnesses will comprise of a high, padded waist belt and two leg loops connected by strong, reinforced pieces of webbing or elastic. DMM’s Vixen Pack is a great gift set for someone who is just getting into climbing, that provides them with all the climbing essentials anybody new to climbing would need. 



A helmet is not required when traditional or sports climbing outdoors but it is highly recommended, not just for the risk of the climber but also the belayers below. Even the smallest of rocks, dropped from high enough, can inflict fatal injuries. The Black Diamond Vapor is lightweight and low profit helmet, it is designed with plenty of vents to keep you cool during hot summer days.




If your climber likes to climb outside, then a bag is a great idea for a gift, to help them transport all of their gear. The DMM Classic Rope Bag is a high quality bag that can carry an 80-meter rope with extra gear packed away. Ideal for transporting and keeping ropes clean, this bag comes in three colour to match any climbers style.




It is nearly impossible for trad climbers to have too many carabiners. Whether a season climber or just getting into tradition climbing, the DMM Spectre II is the perfect option if your climber uses larger carabiners or enjoy climbing in colder conditions.




Just like carabiners, it is impossible to have too many quickdraws. It is just an essential piece of kit. They attach the climbers rope to protection in the rock and are an integral part of the system that catches a climber in the event of a fall. The DMM Phantom Quickdraw Trad Set is a super lightweight set of 5 quickdraws in 3 different sizes, ideal as a starter pack for a new climber or as an addition to an experienced climbers kits.



Belay Device 

This gift is a great one for beginners, the Black Diamond ATC-XP helps when belaying by keeping the ropes held securely with friction, it makes it easier to take someone’s weight without worrying about the rope sliding, especially when you are bringing them down the wall.



Alternatively, for someone getting into leading, this is a great little tool to receive for Christmas. It gives the belayer a bit more piece of mind as there is a brake and it will lock off automatically if the climber falls.




Every climber uses chalk to help them grip the rock or wall better. No matter what, you can be sure that no matter how much chalk a climber has, they will inevitably run out. You can’t go wrong with Fiction Labs Gorilla Grip this Christmas; the chalk has the most popular texture. 



Chalk Bag

Every climber needs a chalk bag to carry their chalk however, this meaning that your climber most likely already has a chalk bag. The Arc’teryx Aperture chalk bag is the best chalk bag on the market and any climber would be delighted to receive one this Christmas.



Grip Trainer

Increasing finger strength is a crucial part of improving at climbing, your friend does not need to spend all their time outdoors or at a climbing wall to do this. Gripmaster is a great finger and hand exerciser that allows you to train individual fingers with a tension of 9lbs per finger



Hand Balm

Climbing is tough on your hands, you might have heard your climber complain about their hands peeling or that they wish they had soft hands. Well, ProBalm is your solution to their Christmas gift, the combination of oils, raw beeswax, herbs and essential oils create one of the most intense, most effective skin repair balms that you will ever lay their hands on.





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