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Whether you are escaping to another world for a weekend festival abroad or getting down at Glastonbury against the elements, at Snow + Rock, we know that you need to look the part no matter what mother nature decides to throw your way. We’ve got all the things that may have missed your list before the big weekend; including packs, waterproof jackets, sunglasses and re-usable water bottles among countless others. Don’t wait! Shop our range of festival essentials (plus a few nice-to-haves) before your next big adventure with your friends.
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We’ve all been there before; it’s a week before the festival and nobody in the group has organised a tent for the group to sleep in. The pressure is on to get shelter organised before the big leaving day. The rise in availability of cheap, single-use tents has become more and more of a concern to both festival organisers as well as environmentally conscious festival-goers with thousands of tents abandoned on-site after the good times wrap up. We range a number of quality, re-usable tents at affordable prices in an effort to actively stand with festival organisers against the implementation of single-use tents, we at Snow + Rock are firmly committed to providing reusable options for the environmentally conscious among us.