Browse our new season range of Patagonia gear and discover sustainably sourced premium quality outdoor gear, built for the conditions, and crafted responsibly. From stylish base layers and soft fleeces to trail pants and hooded jackets, we have you and your needs covered. Whether you’re carving the Alpine slopes or hiking your favourite winter trail, find the right fit for you. From sweater jackets and fleeces to retro gloves and trail pants, all of Patagonia’s range is designed to handle the rigours of the outdoors, you’ll adventure in style, all while fighting climate change with Patagonia’s sustainability and planet recovery pledge.

Patagonia exists to demonstrate that in the current accepted model of capitalism, doing the right thing makes for good and profitable business. Guided by founder Yvon’s design philosophy of simplicity, your Patagonia gear is forged on the big walls of Fitzroy, the powder of Jackson Hole, and the surf of Peahi. This rigorous testing combined with Patagonia’s industry-leading supply chain transparency, Fair Trade Certification, and a commitment to supporting Environmental Grassroots Activism means your Patagonia gear seeks to cause no unnecessary harm. If it’s broke, Patagonia will fix it. Their Iron Clad guarantee applies to all Patagonia products, ensuring your favourite gear stays in play longer for the benefit of yourself and the planet.

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