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Introduction to Bridgedale


Bridgedale is a leading manufacturer of performance socks designed for various outdoor activities. Based in the UK, Bridgedale has over 30 years of experience making high quality socks from natural fabrics like merino wool and bamboo that provide warmth, wicking, and durability.


Their sock collections are designed for specific activities and needs including hiking, trail running, trekking, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, hunting and more. Within each collection, there are different cushioning levels, heights, and specialised features engineered to excel during high performance use.


Bridgedale Wool Hiking Socks


Bridgedale's wool hiking socks provide the warmth, moisture management and comfort needed when carrying a backpack through demanding mountain terrain. They utilise lightweight merino wool blended with nylon and elastic for just the right balance of temperature regulation, wicking, breathability and stretch support in the cuff.


The Peak Performance is their warmest light-medium cushion hiking sock. It features high merino wool content for comfort and heat retention as well as mesh zones across the top of the foot to manage moisture build up. The low friction toes and heels maximise durability.


For those seeking a lightweight, highly breathable sock for hiking in warmer weather, the CoolFusion is the top choice. It has strategically placed mesh zones for ventilation and moisture control made from Coolmax fabric that increases airflow. The padded zones at the heel and toe box protect those high impact areas.


Bridgedale Merino Hiking Socks


Crafted from ultra soft merino wool, Bridgedale's merino wool hiking sock collection delivers exemplary next-to-skin comfort and moisture management mile after mile. The wool wicks moisture while insulating the foot, keeping it drier and regulating temperature in dynamic conditions. Dense cushioning at pressure points protects the feet from the pounding impact of covering uneven trails with a heavy load.


The Endurance is their cushioned merino hiking crew sock. It combines high merino content for insulation and moisture wicking with comfortable cushioning zones at the shin, heel and forefoot. The merino wool keeps feet drier and reduces odour build up compared to synthetic fibres.


For more breathable, warmer weather hiking, the Coolmax Trekker is an excellent choice. Coolmax fabric and lightweight cushioning control moisture and friction while mesh zones provide airflow to prevent overheating. Targeted padding relieves pressure points along the heel, toes and metatarsal arch.


Bridgedale Padded Hiking Socks


Bridgedale padded hiking socks deliver plush underfoot cushioning and shock absorption for protecting high impact zones of the feet. They utilise dense memory foam inserts and padding matched to key pressure points that bear the brunt force when carrying loads over uneven or hard surfaces.


The Endurance Trekker features different levels of padded zones - 20% Medium cushioning, 40% Light cushioning and focused Heavy rib cushioning at the shin, heels and toes that absorb repeated impact. The merino wool blend regulates temperature and transports moisture away.


For hiking in summer temps, the CoolFusion Trekker is constructed with cooling mesh zones combined with padded zones on the vulnerable areas. It has ventilated Coolmax fabric to increase breathability and airflow where feet tend to get hot, along with durable toe caps. The Memory Foam clusters absorb shock with every step.


Bridgedale Trail Running Socks


Purpose-built for off-road running, Bridgedale’s trail socks deliver essential impact protection, grip and breathability. Technical features include targeted padding around the heel and forefoot to disperse shock waves from battering terrain, mesh ventilation panels that enhance airflow and low friction fibres across the toes and heels for abrasion resistance when feet slam forward inside shoes.


The Endurance Trail Running Sock has strategically placed padding zones of Medium and Light density for impact protection on heel strike and toe off phases of stride. The merino nylon blend maintains foot temperature and wicks moisture during high aerobic output while trail running.


For running trails in warm weather, the CoolFusion Trail offers highly breathable arch support mesh combined with ventilated Coolmax fabric to prevent overheating. Cushioning at the toes and heels absorbs shock although the overall fit hugs the foot for better ground feedback and stability in motion.


Bridgedale Lightweight Socks


When every ounce matters, Bridgedale's lightweight collection ensures your feet stay comfortable and protected without weighing down your pack. Made from thin yet durable yarns, they have the essential moisture wicking abilities and targeted reinforcement in lateral and medial zones to stabilise the foot inside footwear without unnecessary bulk.


The Coolmax Light Hike is an ultra-lightweight crew height hiking sock purposefully engineered with strategically placed mesh ventilation zones made from breathable Coolmax. The thin toe caps resist abrasion inside hiking boots while arch support stabilises the foot during miles of walking with a backpack.


For minimalist runners, the Endurance Lightweight Running Sock delivers essential moisture management in an ultra-thin profile with some added reinforcement at the toes and heel. Seamless construction prevents friction while the merino and elastic provide form-fitting stretch support.


Bridgedale Trekking Socks


Providing versatile next-to-skin comfort across an array of conditions and temperatures, Bridgedale’s merino trekking socks are built to keep up with changing terrain and dynamic weather patterns. The fine gauge knit hugs the contours of the foot while the blend of natural elastic fibres ensures persistent stretch recovery mile after demanding mile on the trail.


The Climate Control Trekker balances lightweight moisture control with insulation for 3 season hiking. Zoned padding protects high impact zones of the foot with gently graduated compression to increase blood circulation and delay fatigue during long days walking with a heavy load.


The Women's Trekker merino wool trekking sock delivers necessary blister protection, moisture management and comfort in a female specific fit. Anatomically placed cushioning pads pressure points while the merino transports moisture away and maintains warmth across a wide temperature range.


Bridgedale Thermal Socks


Bridgedale’s thermal sock collections are designed with insulation that traps warm air around the foot combined with moisture management to keep you comfortable in cold conditions without overheating. Many feature wool for warmth along with purpose built fabrics to balance temperature regulation in freezing temperatures.


The Climate Control Thermo socks have zones of heavier insulation yarn concentrated on the toe, ankle and shin areas to prevent heat loss from the extremities. Coolmax fabric zones control sweat across the top of the foot and arch support enhances stability during icy winter pursuits.


With sleeping bag level insulation, the Mountaineering Summit socks deliver formidable warmth and comfort handling frigid conditions and extreme low temperatures. PrimaLoft insulation traps heat while the merino lining transports moisture to the outer layer keeping the microclimate next to the skin dry and warm.


Bridgedale Mountaineering Socks


Engineered for protecting feet during technically demanding, high altitude pursuits in unpredictable environments, Bridgedale’s mountaineering socks deliver crucial insulation, cushioning and reinforcement to handle the harshest mountain conditions. Utilising the most durable fabrics and insulating materials available, they keep feet warm and stable during icy climbing exploits and rapid changes of temperature.


The Climate Control Mountaineer maintains impressive warmth and dryness across a wide range of temperatures. The merino manages moisture; lightweight padding absorbs impact while the leg is reinforced for a secure fit inside rigid mountaineering boots. Mesh zones provide temperature regulation by releasing heat.


The Summit Knee high mountaineering sock is specifically constructed from insulating materials to protect feet in extremely cold temperatures. With PrimaLoft insulation for formidable warmth akin to sleeping bag rating combined with merino lining to transport moisture, the Summit excels when the weather hits frigid extremes above 5,000 meters elevation.


Bridgedale Skiing Socks


Bridgedale ski socks feature insulation for retaining warmth paired with moisture management essential for keeping feet comfortable all day bombing down the slopes. Padding zones stabilise and protect specific pressure points while seamless toes increase durability during repetitive contact friction with boot liners at speed.


The Climate Control Ski Light/Mid is engineered to handle a wide range of temperatures due to zoned insulation matched with mesh panels for heat ventilation as activity levels peak. Light and mid volume cushioning options make it versatile for skiing or snowboarding. The merino wool transports moisture.


Designed for advanced to expert skiers who demand performance, the E-Fit Ski Precision X is engineered for precise anatomical alignment within high tech ski boots. The seamless toe box has reinforcement for reducing friction while padding absorbs high speed impact as terrain and snow conditions rapidly change run to run.


Bridgedale Snowboard Socks


Snowboard socks require a specific balance of cushioned insulation for shock absorption while ripping down the mountain combined with moisture management that keeps feet dry after hiking back to take the lift again. Bridgedale utilises specialised fabrics and padding zones to handle high performance snowboarding.


The All-Mountain Snowboard Sock balances impact protection and temperature regulation utilising merino for warmth and moisture control blended with Coolmax fibres that enhance breathability and ventilation. Lightweight padding absorbs shock during jumps and runs.


The women's specific Snowboard socks deliver necessary reinforcement for hard charging female snowboarders by blending merino wool for dryness and insulation with Lycra compression support zones. The strategic padding scheme stabilises the foot for carving high speed turns while preventing lace bite or blisters.


Bridgedale Hunting Socks


When being stealthy and sitting in stationary positions for hours hunting your next meal, keeping feet warm and dry is essential. Bridgedale hunting sock designs balance essential insulation with odour control. Using naturally antibacterial merino wool manages moisture and keeps scent low for not alerting wildlife. The padding scheme is engineered to insulate during hours of immobility in hiding position without added bulk.


The Peak Performance Lightly Cushioned hunting crew length socks feature warming insulation yarn concentrated on the shin, ankle and toe box - areas most prone to getting cold during stationary hunting. Merino manages moisture while seamless toe construction enhances longevity when crouched stalking through brush terrain in heavy boots.


The perennially popular Women's Hunt heavy weight knee high socks provide formidable warmth and insulation for staying undetected in frigid conditions when prey is near. The merino wool transports sweat while retaining heat around the leg extremities that easily get chilled when hunkering down awaiting the perfect shot placement moment arise.


Bridgedale Cold Weather Socks


When adventure calls during winter or exposure to cold elements over long periods, Bridgedale’s cold weather socks balances crucial insulation and breathability. Many models utilise leading PrimaLoft yarn technology originally developed for winter apparel to trap body heat without bulk. Combined with merino’s temperature regulating and moisture moving capabilities, feet stay warm and dry for hours on end.


The Climate Control Thermo Extra socks highly insulating design makes them ideal for ice climbing, winter hiking, hunting, snow sports or any cold weather activity. Zoned insulation matching thicker PrimaLoft yarn to key areas prone to heat loss allow adaption across varying outputs without overheating.


The Extremes deliver formidable warmth and dryness handling brutal low temperatures and winter storm conditions. With PrimaLoft insulation rated to the level of high altitude mountaineering sleeping bags and merino lining, the Extremes lock in heat while actively transporting moisture away from the skin surface.


Bridgedale Breathable Socks


Utilising specialised moisture wicking fabrics with zones of air channel ventilation, Bridgedale’s breathable socks focus on keeping feet cool, dry and comfortable during aerobic activities that cause high sweat output like trail running, hiking and backpacking across long distances during changes in external temperatures and humidity levels.


Featuring Coolmax fabric zones matched to heat release areas of the foot combined with mesh airflow channels, the Multisport ankle sock excels in highly aerobic activities with constant variable moisture and temperature management required. The seamless toe and embedded arch brace provide essential structural support.


Designed for committed trail runners, the Endurance Trail Runner socks balanced essential reinforcement and protection with keeping feet cool and dry across long distances in the heat. The merino wool transports sweat moisture and provides temperature regulation while mesh zones provide ventilation airflow when feet overheat.


Bridgedale Long Socks


Providing coverage beyond ankle height up the calf, Bridgedale’s long socks add extra insulation and specific pressure zone protection. The over the calf length enhances stability within rigid mountaineering boots or when carrying heavy loads that requires more secure foot alignment. Some even extend to knee height for complete coverage in frigid conditions.


The Mountaineering Extreme socks deliver versatile insulation, cushioning and reinforcement up to the knee for the most demanding mountain activities across rapidly changing environments. PrimaLoft insulation retains heat; merino manages moisture while the zone padding scheme protects vulnerable pressure points.


Featuring merino’s natural odour resistance and temperature regulation blended with reinforced heel and toe caps, the Midweight trekking crew length socks balance durablepadding with moisture control for backpacking long distances across days on trail. The medium cushioning provides underfoot protection that delays fatigue.


Bridgedale Boot Socks


Engineered to deliver a precise fit and foot stability inside rigid leather hiking boots or rugged work boots, Bridgedale boot sock models utilise padding schemes to match vulnerable pressure points combined with specialised yarns that prevent friction, moisture and odour build up during hours of continuous wear.


The Coolmax liner hiking boot sock provides a protective second skin interfacing. Padding zones defend pressure points while Coolmax wicking and mesh ventilation prevents sweat rashes. The flat toe seams ensure a bulk free fit inside unyielding leather.


Designed for work boots, the durable Trekker sock protects feet during long hours on your feet with moisture control, cushioned pressure zones and seamless construction. The boot is reinforced to maintain its structure wash after wash while medium padding at heels and toes defend against repeated impact.


Bridgedale Anti-Blister Socks


Preventing hot spots or blisters means keeping feet continuously dry while minimising movement and friction between the sock surface and skin interface. Bridgedale anti-blister socks feature form fitting design with targeted padding schemes to defend problem zones combined with moisture wicking fibres that transport sweat away before it macerates tender skin areas.


The liner crew height hiking socks are engineered for a frictionless, protective second skin fit. Flat toe seams prevent pressure points while mesh panels and Coolmax fabric manage heat, humidity and sweat build up - keeping the micro climate next to skin drier.


With rapid moisture wicking capacities combined with a female specific anatomical design to eliminate excess sock movement or bunching inside shoes, the Women's Endurance Lightweight run socks defend against blisters mile after mile. The seamless toe and embedded arch brace keep feet stable when fatigue sets in.


Bridgedale Low Cut Socks


Ideal for light hiking, trail running and aerobic training in warmer temperatures, Bridgedale’s low cut socks balance essential moisture management with targeted reinforcement using minimalist materials to enhance freedom of movement at the ankle. The focused padding schemes defend high impact zones while mesh panels increase airflow and ventilation control.


The CoolFusion Trail Quarter sock is engineered for off road running with ventilation panels made of breathable Coolmax combined with Mesh flow zones to release heat. Medium cushioning at the forefoot and heel absorb repeated shocks while the low cut height enhances ankle flexibility.


Blending merino wool for moisture management with partial ankle bracing and a seam free toe box, the Endurance Lightweight Quarter cut running sock stabilises feet during rapid lateral motions and high aerobic outputs of intervals or tempo training without over compressing ankles or creating irritation.

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