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From the early days above a shop in the North-East of England, Berghaus has come a long way. We’ve racked up more than 50 years’ experience creating outdoor gear that’s beautifully designed and built to last; helping you to get out more. So it's time to grab your Berghaus. It's time to get out.


We're outdoor people at heart. With our favourite weekend walks come rain, shine or more rain. But modern life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. We often find ourselves doing and saying the things we swore we wouldn’t. Our time is spent scrolling rather than walking. We take arty pictures of food rather than eat it. We end up stuck in meetings about meetings, living life through a screen 3x6 inches wide. But enough is enough. It’s time to escape the emails and to skip the next episode. To put down the organic soy foamed frappe-latte and promise to never use the word ‘synergy’ again. It’s time to grab your Berghaus, go outside and get some much-needed perspective. It’s time to get out.

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