Snow and Rock 

Our Mission


Empowering our customers to take on the world, conquer new experiences, have fun and live every minute like there is no tomorrow.



Our Heritage


Founded in 1982 by a small team of crazy, snow sports obsessed individuals who saw an opportunity and thought they could do it better - they decided to take matters into their own hands, and Snow+Rock was created.

We're proud of our heritage - Since opening our first store on Kensington High Street, London, Snow+Rock has always been one step ahead in the world of winter sports.



Taking on the Industry


We took chances with Degree 7 when one rogue designer decided to introduce pink into men's ski collections. Introducing new brands to the UK, including Eider, Arc'teryx and Toni Sailer.



Maverick in Nature


We've always been one step ahead in the world outdoor sports. From the start we have been maverick by nature taking on the largest snow sports retailer in the UK, by inventing the concept of boot fitting and introducing the first Boot Fit Clinic into the UK.



The Start of Winter


We soon became a household name and the launch of the now iconic winter catalogue in 1984 symbolised the start of winter in the UK.



We Don't Believe in Standing Still


We're constantly exploring but we realised we needed to get a proper job but our love of the outdoors enables us to naturally understand what our customers want and need. We strive to break new boundaries; taking chances on unheralded brands, being the first with ground breaking technologies and pushing the envelope on the quality of our service.


Discover a Lifelong Passion 


At Runners Need, we have always believed that it’s never too late to start running. Just ask our founder Chris Bould, who didn’t set out on his first run until the age of 26, when he joined the Highgate Harriers in 1979.

Inspired by his experience in the USA, where he raced in the New York City Marathon and visited their specialist running retailers, Chris and his wife Judy founded the first Runners Need in Camden in 1982.

Chris went on to break a 30-minute 10K and achieve a PB of 2 hours 22 minutes in the fifth ever London Marathon by 1985. He even started a 10K road race in nearby Regent’s Park. Not bad for a late starter.

Over 30 years later, Runners Need has 34 nationwide stores and Britain has more than 2 million people training and racing on the road, track and trails. We want you to join us.




Three Decades of Expertise


With three decades of knowledge and a whole load of enthusiasm we can confidently say we are experts in the outdoor industry. We believe that the heart of our business starts with our staff and that is why we ensure they receive the best training possible, to the highest standard in all aspects of our business but also take every opportunity to get outside and participate.


Quite simply, if we can't do it, it probably can't be done.



Dedicated to Our Customers


We understand that everyone is different, we take the time to talk to every customer about their individual needs to make sure that they leave with the right kit, regardless of their level of experience.



We Truly Believe in What We Do



We love the outdoors all year round. We live and breathe the snow and rocks. 



We only believe in offering the very best. We hold the spirit of one who ventures into unknown mountain territories.



We thrive to be the first to make fresh tracks in the snow. Where we lead, others follow. We remain one step ahead, helping to shape the industry.



We're obsessed with the little touches that make all the difference. We offer our customers a destination not just a shop.

Whatever lies ahead, we are your destination of choice for creating adventure and conquering every challenge.