Our expert women’s clothing buyer, Lorna Glover, has been attending festivals for nearly 20 years and has picked up some invaluable tips along the way. Here are her must-haves for surviving a weekend in the fields.

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Festival essentials guide

Name: Lorna Glover


First big festival: V98 in Leeds – Who was there: The Verve, James Brown & Robbie Williams!


Best festival experience: Seeing Mani from Primal Scream & Ian Brown on the same line up at Summercase festival in Barcelona 2008. They came together on stage & did an impromptu rendition of some Stone Roses songs long before the band’s official reunion which is still one of my favourite ever memories!  


Worst festival experience: The epic floods at Bestival in 2008. Words cannot describe how wet it was! The under the sea fancy dress theme was very appropriate. Even with the stage closures & never ending rain, it was still a lot of fun though!


Festival most looking forward to this year: Glastonbury where I will be volunteering. I still think it is the best festival in the world!

How to get the most out of your experience: 13 Insider tips

1. A waterproof jacket is a must

This is without doubt the most important item you need to take! You’re going to be out all day and if it starts to rain the tents become rammed, so there really is nowhere to hide. A good waterproof can make or break your festival experience. 



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2. Wellies will make your life easier

The second most important item you need to take is wellies. We can all hope for sun, but if it rains, trainers are rendered useless & you will appreciate some extra protection when using the portaloos as well.



TOP TIP: Get footbeds fitted into your wellies for extra comfort & support (like you do for your ski boots in winter). You will be thankful after standing on your feet all day on hard ground!


For everyone who has had to enlist random camp mates to help you pull off your wellies at the end of the day – this Hunter boot jack is priceless. Leave it in the porch of your tent & you will never have to struggle again!

3. Air your feet with flip flops

I always take a pair of rubber flip flops for hanging around at your tent & wearing in the shower - if you manage to find them!

4. Jeans are not your friend

Do not wear jeans! If they get wet, they will stay wet for days & not dry out! Your legs are naturally waterproof, so shorts & wellies is much better idea! If you just can’t cope without them, make sure you take emergency waterproof trousers to wear over the top.



5. Pack smart


Keep your valuables safely dry by using a dry bag. Getting your new iPhone wet will not be fun!


I even keep my clothes inside my tent in a larger dry bag so you know that you will always have a dry set to rely on!


Don’t take a suitcase! Pack your things in a large rucksack instead & be selective what you take as there is often large distances to carry everything to reach your campsite.  

6. Stay warm at night

Hopefully the sun will shine all day long, but it still gets cold after dark, take a beanie to keep you warm & a fleece for your tent so you can layer up.

7. Get lit - take a head torch

Many of the walkways around Glastonbury & other festivals are not lit & uneven ground can be tricky (especially after a few ciders) so a torch is especially helpful. Head torches are best so you have your hands free!

8. Be safe in the sun

Ideally it’ll always be beautiful weather, but don’t let getting burnt ruin your weekend! You will be in the sun literally all day so don’t underestimate how easy it is to get burnt – especially as there is usually very little natural shade at festivals. Take a hat & sun cream, they’ll save you from painful burns or sunstroke.  

9. Sleep comfy

Invest in a decent sleeping bag & sleeping mat. You will be much warmer & more comfortable if you are elevated off the ground sheet of your tent when sleeping.

10. Carry your beers on your back - take a day pack

A small backpack to keep your essentials (beers) in during the day is a must and keeps your hands free for dancing.

11. Leave a fresh set of clothes in your car

If you are driving to the festival, leave a set of clean clothes in the boot of your car so you know that you have at least one set of dry clothes & shoes. It will feel amazing to have something to change into when you make it back to your car after the weekend. 

12. Invest in a good tent

Don’t buy a tent & leave it behind. As Glastonbury say; “tents are for pitching, not ditching!” 

13. Treat yourself to a few home comforts

Just because you are at a festival, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some home comforts!

Make a list, and check it twice

Take the stress out of packing. Download our Festival Packing Checklist below and make sure you never leave home without an essential item again.  

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