Squash Falconer is a mountaineer and adventurer with an infectious spirit and insatiable lust for life. She is the ultimate action woman; attacking big mountain climbs, skiing, snowboarding and paragliding with gusto, while still managing to find the time to hit the roads on her motorbike. Driven by a genuine love for sport, the outdoors and a desire to have fun, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility and Squash takes on every challenge from summiting Everest to paragliding from Mont Blanc with a smile on her face, a positive attitude and a good selection of knickers.

Squash Falconer Show Reel 2008

We all understand the importance of a strong foundation and Squash believes that your underwear is the most important foundation of all. The wrong pair of pants can lead to a pretty miserable day and as the lady herself says, “If your knickers are right, everything goes right!”  Click here to find out more about Squash’s Knicker Philosophy and to pick up some great tips that will help to keep you feeling human when you’re far from home!

Knickers Philosophy

We Asked Squash to Give us her Top 10 Adventure Essentials, here's What she Chose:

  1. A sense of humour
  2. My favourite knickers-several pairs
  3. Rab Microlight Jacket– it’s like my comfort blanket
  4. Sun dried tomatoes. I took some to Everest and it was the most incredible treat!
  5. Wet wipes- good ones! An instant shower.
  6. Chocolate, I love whole nut but any will do.
  7. Salomon trainers. Happy feet = Happy Squash!
  8. My GoPro to capture the memories.
  9. A toothbrush
  10. My paraglider- well, you never know!


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