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New to Snow+Rock this spring/summer, Swedish brand Fjällräven are driven by a desire to create technical, environmentally-sustainable and stylishly timeless clothing which helps hikers, trekkers and travellers enjoy and explore the outdoors. Here is an introduction to the Fjällräven philosophy and their new season range.

Lifelong Hikers and Trekkers

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Dissatisfied with contemporary backpack designs, 14-year-old scout Åke Nordin decided to fashion his own in 1950 for a trek in the Västerbotten Mountains. Åke built a wooden frame and used his mother’s treadle sewing machine to fasten a durable cotton bag with leather straps to it. The result was a pack which distributed the weight of the load more evenly across the back and provided better ventilation.


After Åke completed his military service at FJS Parachute Ranger School in Karlsborg he concluded that there was a demand for more functional, durable outdoor equipment. In 1960, Åke founded Fjällräven in his family’s one-room flat outside of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, and transformed the cellar into a factory workshop.


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More than 50 years later, Fjällräven still embodies their founder’s lifelong love of the great outdoors: every year, the brand hosts the Fjällräven Classic (pictured), a 110km trek through the Swedish Lapland, from Nikkaluokta to Abisko National Park. They also hold the Fjällräven Polar, a 300km huskie sled route across the arctic tundra, from Signaldalen, Norway, to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.


Champions of Sustainability

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Investing in Fjällräven is investing in the environment. All of their products are free from fluorocarbon chemicals and manufactured with recyclable and organic materials whenever possible, using the most energy-efficient process possible.


Fjällräven are also dedicated to employee and animal welfare, which includes their Save the Arctic Fox Project. When you purchase the limited edition Kånken backpack (pictured), you’re also donating to research for saving this endangered species.


Adapt to your Environment


Fjällräven G-1000 fabric is a combination of lightweight and densely woven polyester and cotton fibres which are treated with protective, water resistant Greenland Wax.


The polyester fibres are breathable and sweat-wicking, while the tight-weaved construction makes G-1000 products highly wind resistant, mosquito-proof and extremely durable (twice as tough as denim, in fact). This keeps you cool, dry and comfortable on and off the mountain.


You can also customise the balance between water resistance and breathability, depending on season, environment and weather conditions. To increase water resistance, handmade Greenland Wax, which is a combination of natural bees wax and non-irritable, oil-based paraffin, can be applied to your jacket and melted into the G-1000 fabric with a low heat. To increase breathability, the wax can be washed out and reapplied again, depending on your adventure!


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The Greenland no.1 Special Edition Jacket, Abisko Hybrid and High Coast Wind Anorak can all be made more water resistant using Greenland Wax.

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