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British Winter Olympian and World Cup alpine skier, Chemmy Alcott, unveils our 24th store in Canary Wharf’s Crossrail Place and shares her top tips for getting into shape for the coming winter ski season:


What Advice do you have for First-Time Skiers?

Boots are the most important thing, so get them fitted well! Do the prep before you depart by spending some time in your boots to get used to the fit, even if it’s watching TV in them twice a week.


Snow+Rock is where I always got my boots fitted for ski holidays. It’s great to meet kindred spirits who know about the products.

How do you get in Shape for the Winter Season?

In this day and age time is precious, so do what you love. Whether you play tennis or run once a week, do as much as you can and enjoy some variety. Yoga and Pilates are also both great for your flexibility.


My foam roller is my best friend, especially for the tightness in my IT bands down the side of my quads (which can put a lot of pressure on the knees). Cycling is the best for building up your inside knee to protect your ACLs.


Boxing is great in winter. I do Muay Thai (boxing with kicks, knees and elbows), which is great interval training. Training every day makes me feel better and sleep better.

How do you Fuel and Hydrate your Body for a Full Day on the Mountain?

I pack plenty of snacks and eat eggs for breakfast (investing in protein for breakfast is really important). Always keep hydrated and drink lots of water. I also love coffee – fill a flask and drink it on the chairlift!

What Equipment are you Currently Using?

I love GPS watches that can record how far you have skied. If you’re using a skiing app, remember to keep your phone in your pocket and be aware of everything that’s happening around you on the piste!

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What are your Favourite Ski Resorts and What Makes them Special?

I have a few favourite resorts, but I think it’s really important to check out the latest deals. Ultimately, it’s not where you go but who you go with and how the conditions are; you could visit a tiny resort in the Dolomites and have the most fantastic time, because you’re with two of your best friends.


Make sure that you book with people of similar skiing abilities, so that people feel comfortable in their skill level and there isn’t always someone waiting for the rest of the group.


Every country has something to offer. I love St. Anton and Verbier, but if I had to pick one resort to ski for the rest of my life, it would be: Whistler for the terrain (pictured), Verbier Bruson for powder and Savoie for piste.

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