Adventurer and author Dave Cornthwaite explains how you can enjoy the rugged outdoors, meet new people and refresh your perspective any day of the week:

Since quitting my last job as a miserable graphic designer in 2005, I’ve been building a career as an adventurer, travel writer and filmmaker. Although my travels have largely been based around Expedition1000, a series of 25 non-motorised journeys over 1,000 miles, the most rewarding parts of being self-employed have come between the journeys.

As anyone who has chosen to travel slowly will know, the kindness of humans is always at its most evident when you put yourself out there, are in the midst of living a story and accept being vulnerable.

For three years I’ve run an organically-growing, life-affirming brand called SayYesMore, which centres on a simple message: allow strangers to become friends and don’t let opportunities to enrich you slip by.

This summer I decided to spend three months in the UK, making the most of our beautiful land (and occasionally excellent weather) with the intention of turning my Facebook audience into real people.

I couldn’t have imagined the results. I began to invite these names and avatars to join me on a midweek wild camp, a weekend adventure or a paddleboarding trip down the Thames, and they came!

Suddenly a community (no, a tribe!) grew out of nowhere. These assorted people, almost all of them working in or around the city but starting to consider new options, suddenly found themselves nestling down in a field of long grass together.

mountain landscape

A format took shape. We’d meet at a train station, shoot out of town for half an hour then walk and talk until we came across a place to spend the night. Everyone would share a little of their story and a reason for them being there, before settling down with the sun in a bivvy bag, tent or hammock. And then we’d rise with the sun a few hours later, just in time to get back to work.

The adventures that have already come out of this summer’s gatherings, the commitments, the changes, the jobs quit and the challenges accepted… I can’t think of a more social way to justify social media! Now that we have a growing Yestribe of real people, the sky is the limit.

We’re now looking for a plot of land, within an hour’s train ride from London, to set up a woodland base for these ‘microadventures’ (a term popularised by adventurer Alastair Humphreys), as well as some refurbished working, creative and sleeping spaces to aid transition. It’ll also be a site for an annual gathering of people determined to be useful human beings – those who have realised that buying shiny things isn’t necessarily the key to happiness.

Our community meets regularly in and out of London. Surround yourself with good, positive, supportive people, get out into the woods and feel all of the pressures of urban living soak away. This is the place and the space to make life-changing decisions, and we’d love you to join us.



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