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Hiking, camping and climbing adventures should never be restricted to the weekends and holidays. Here are 4 ways you can squeeze incredible outdoor escapes into a busy working week (with some suggestions from the team at Snow+Rock).

Lunchtime Adventures

Whether you work in the countryside, suburbs or city, there is always something new and interesting to explore that's within hiking or running distance. Simply type your location into Google Maps, switch the display to 'Earth' in the bottom left corner, and scout around for green, wooden spaces with trails, views and footpaths; you can even calculate how long your lunchtime adventure will take you by using the 'Directions' icon in the top left corner.


For us at the Snow+Rock Guildford Head Office, we like to walk and run around the boardwalks of the marshland reserves which bank the River Wey. If you work in the city, a treasure trove of parks, commons and pathways just waiting to be discovered.


“I recommend walking in Hampstead Heath and Richmond Park or cycling along the Regent’s and Grand Union Canals.” – Jonathan.

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Evening Escapes

If your weekday wanderlust cannot be squeezed into your lunch hour, hike and camp somewhere local instead. All you need is a map and compass to plot your route, trail shoes or hiking boots, and of course the correct clothing to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. If you're hiking after dark, don't forget a head torch!   

For local, overnight camping, take some friends or family, always check that you're able to wild camp, and most importantly, never leave a trace after packing up the next day (which includes building fires). If you eat before you set off, you can keep your itinerary simple: add a bivvy bag, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and down jacket to your pack. Deciding on how close to work you camp, either shower at home or in the office!


"I like going for walks or canoeing down Basingstoke Canal." - Carrie.


"Walk along the coastline of Robin Hood's Bay in the North York Moors for rugged landscapes that provide a feeling of real remoteness." - Daisy.


Indoor Climbing and Bouldering

You don’t need to travel to Southern Sandstone or Stanage Edge to enjoy a spot of belaying or problem solving. Indoor climbing is an easily accessible activity which is fun and beneficial for first-time climbers and experienced mountaineers alike; every centre offers introductions and courses for enthusiastic rookies.


Bouldering can be squeezed into any lunchtime with your climbing shoes and chalk bag; for Londoners, we recommend hopping on the tube to The Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, The Castle by Manor House or Vauxwall in Vauxhall. For post-work top roping and leading sessions with friends or colleagues, prep a harness, carabiner, belay device and rope as well  (you group will also need at least one certified and experienced belayer).


“Nothing beats a lunchtime bouldering and traversing session down Craggy Island Guildford to give your afternoons a big boost.” – James



mountain + Hills

Weekend Hiking and Camping

With some straightforward planning, camping and hiking adventures are rarely out of reach in the UK. Simply choose your destination and load up your boot or backpack on Thursday evening, so that you’re ready and fully-prepared to embark on your outdoor odyssey, straight after work on Friday afternoon.


Peak Park offers highly accessible, low-level hikes and pub walks to Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester and Leeds; Bristol is within driving distance of the Cotswolds and Wales’s Brecon Beacons.


Londoners can travel from Euston to Kendal for the Lake District or venture to the nearby South Downs and the Chilterns. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you pack!


“Upper Booth Farm in Edale is the perfect place to camp in the Peak District.” – Josh.