Map Reading


Using GPS-enabled devices to get away from it all might seem like a contradiction, but they can really help you make the most of your time in the wild. They aid route plotting and navigation (especially in tough conditions) and come equipped with clever features that allow you to track your progress, whether it’s helping you to find your way or monitor your physical performance.

What Can a GPS Device do?

Handheld GPS units share a lot of the same navigation features that you can access with your smartphone, the difference is that they are built for a dedicated purpose.


They are designed to be extremely rugged, have an impressive battery life, better satellite reception and many come equipped with full Ordnance Survey mapping, allowing you to plot a route or pinpoint your exact location in a matter of seconds.


GPS Watches are ideal for athletes wanting to monitor fitness and progression, mountaineers that need a convenient way to stay abreast of their location (while tracking their rate of ascent/descent) and hikers navigating unmarked terrain.


Each watch in our range offers a wide assortment of features and navigational tools, and some even allow you to monitor your heart rate or your acceleration while on the move.


Skiing inside is as odd as it sounds. Firstly, it looks a lot steeper from the bottom than I thought it would. The run is broken up into three areas. Looking up from the bottom on the right is a short, slightly shallower beginner’s area.


What are the Benefits of Touchscreen or Buttons?

There are pros and cons to both and your preference will depend on where you’re likely to use your GPS. Touchscreens are fast, easy to access, offer a larger display and are quickly becoming the operational format that we’re most used to. Buttons can be easily used with a gloved hand, making them ideal for mountaineering or winter hiking. Button devices are also more beneficial when it comes to extending battery life.

Do I Still Need a Map and Compass?

Remember, even with a handy GPS device, it’s still essential to carry a map and compass in the great outdoors and, of course, know how to use them!

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