This season, Finnish company, Reima, has added an unusual ingredient to its new range of outdoor summer wear for kids. There are more benefits than you would think! 

You’ve probably never heard of titanium dioxide, but you actually use it at least twice a day. In fact, you wake up to it and go to bed with it. 


The ingredient we use, Titanium Dioxide, contributes to the cooling effect you feel when you brush your teeth


It’s a naturally occurring bright, white pigment that boasts light-scattering properties and is often used as a food and cosmetics colouring. Hence adding it to toothpaste to give that brilliant white shade we like to pop onto our toothbrushes every morning and night.


But now the world’s leading children’s activewear brand has ingeniously discovered another use for titanium dioxide.


This season, Finnish company, Reima, has added the ingredient to its new range of outdoor summer wear. It means your children will feel that same invigorating, cooling effect when they get dressed, that they do when they brush their teeth. Giving them a more comfortable time in the sun, down on the beach or in the back garden this summer.


Reima’s SunProof™ range reflects 98% of the sun’s harmful rays Boys and surfboard.

The technology is great for the kids but also has a positive impact on the environment. 

But by adding it to their kidswear, Reima has achieved more than just one benefit. That’s because you will have also experienced titanium dioxide every time you go on holiday. It’s often the active ingredient in sunscreen because it naturally filters UV rays. It helps to protect your skin by blocking the absorption of the sun’s ultraviolet light that can cause sunburn and lead to skin cancer. That means Reima’s SunProof™ range has a UV protection factor 50+, which reflects off 98 percent of the sun’s harmful rays.


And the benefits don’t stop there. Titanium dioxide also prevents colours fading from fabrics due to too much exposure to UV rays from the sun. So your children’s clothes last longer, saving you money.


To protect children’s health, all of Reima’s SunProof range products are non-toxic and safe to wear. Using SunProof wear instead of lotions that end up in the water, also helps to preserve marine life and Reima’s printing technology. That reduces the amount of water and colour used and so helps make a positive impact on our environment.


As always, Reima’s clothing is also breathable and quick-drying – making it perfect for a day at the beach.


The range includes the Fiji Swim Shirt for boys and girls with elbow length sleeves, a premium fit and plenty of room for movement and the Bay Swim Shirt for boys, with the added chest pocket feature and a gorgeous all-over print design that’s printed using non-toxic dyes.